Welcome, Hannah Worrell

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We invite you to extend a heartfelt welcome to the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Henderson County’s newest employee. Hannah Worrell joined our staff on April 1, 2019, as our new 4-H Program Assistant. Hannah assumes the lead for the very successful program led by the late Sue Janowiak who sadly passed away in December.

Sue left a legacy of distinguished accomplishments and Hannah is the right person to carry on that legacy. We are very proud to have Hannah join our staff. She grew up in our 4-H program and excelled as a leader in the program and was a member of the 4-H Honor Club. It is a testament to the quality of our 4-H program when we can bring our 4-Hers full circle back to a career in a related field. Hannah had been serving as interim 4-H Program Assistant since October and prior to that worked in our office as an Agricultural Intern. Hannah is in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree from Lenoir Rhyne University. She is a native of Zirconia and continues to reside in Henderson County. Many of the programs that Hannah will conduct were begun by her predecessor. She has already had some excellent sewing classes and continues to offer those on a regular basis for our youth. She will also be involved in the FRESH program at the Carl Sandburg Historic site. She will conduct an Agricultural Day Camp in the summer and will lead our 8th Grade Agricultural Tour efforts.

Bedsides these programs, Hannah will be offering new and interesting special programs for our youth as well as traditional programs like Zentangle and other interesting and educational opportunities. Hannah is always looking for volunteers with special skills that they can teach children. If you would like to volunteer with Hannah’s program, please give her a call at our office (697-4891). Please join us in welcoming Hannah to our team and be sure to stop by and welcome her to the Cooperative Extension family.