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brown patch fungus on fescue

Pest Alert - Brown Patch on Fescue

Brown Patch is a disease caused by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani. Rhizoctonia causes turfgrass disease in western North Carolina …

mountain evening

Fireflies or Lightning Bugs?

From the NC State University Homegrown Video Series… One of the more magical moments of summer each year is the …

carpenter bee nest in a wooden post

Pest Alert - Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees Every year carpenter bees attack wood around homes. The female bee bores a half inch hole into wooden …

rain barrels

Collecting Rainwater at Home

The rainy summers of the past few years helped gardeners in Henderson County forget that we need to irrigate …

slime mold

Slime Molds- Not a Pest

There are many unusual forms of life on this planet. Man has classified the different types of life into …

hemlock hydrangea rust

Pest Alert - Hemlock Hydrangea Rust

Hemlock hydrangea rust is caused by the fungus Pucciniastrum hydrangeae. This rust is leaf disease of smooth hydrangea Hydrangea …

Arborvitae with bagworms

Pest Alert - Bagworms

Bagworm Caterpillars Description and Seasonal Development The bagworm is a caterpillar that feeds on all manner of trees and shrubs. The …

rust on roses

Pest Alert - Rust on Roses

Rose rust disease has been showing up on ‘knock out’ roses lately. This fungus is a common infection in roses. Rose rust is …

European hornet

Pest Alert - European Hornets

European hornets are non-native insects that have been in the country for a very long time. The ancestors of …

aphids on peas

Pest Alert - Aphids

Aphids are wreaking havoc with garden plants in Henderson County in 2021. We have been getting numerous questions …

stream restoration

Invasive Plant ID and Removal Workshop

Event: Invasive Plant ID and Removal Workshop Date: June 11 Time: 9:30 a.m.–noon Location: Rugby Middle School; 3345 Haywood Road, Hendersonville, NC …


Blooming at Bullington Gardens

In the early 1970s when Bob Bullington established his home, garden and nursery on what is now Bullington Gardens, …

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Anthracnose stand symptoms

Anthracnose in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of anthracnose.

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ideal soil poor space

1. Soils and Plant Nutrients

This Soils and Plant Nutrients Chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook examines the physical and …

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Dog with toy on bare dirt at the edge of a fenced lawn

Dogs and Turfgrass Interactions

This publication answers common questions dog owners may have about lawn care. Topics include what …

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Soil, Plots, and Planters

This publication, chapter 8 of Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food …

2 weeks ago
Gardeners work in a community garden.

Food Garden Design

This publication, chapter 4 of Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food …

2 weeks ago

Fig Culture in North Carolina

The fig is native to the Mediterranean Basin. You may already be familiar with some …

3 weeks ago

Tall Fescue Lawn Maintenance Calendar

This factsheet provides instructions on how to properly care for tall fescue grass year round. …

St. Augustinegrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar

This calendar contains suggestions designed to help in the care and maintenance of St. Augustinegrass …