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Posts from Pest Management

We don't have any news posted under Pest Management , but we're always writing new content so please check back soon.

Recent Publications related to Pest Management

17. Organic Gardening

This organic gardening chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook provides systematic approach to fertilization, soil, …


This publication lists abbreviations used in the North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual.

2017 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

This manual, updated every year, covers pesticide use and safety information, chemical application equipment, fertilizer …

Disease Control

This publication covers disease control in a variety of crops.

Animal Damage Control

This publication explains control measures that can be taken due to animal damage of crops.

Plant Growth Regulators

This publication explains plant growth regulators for a variety of crops.

Chemical Weed Control

This publication covers chemical weed control and weed response to a variety of crops.