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4-H School Enrichment Programs, Henderson County

Henderson County 4-H School Enrichment

4-H School Enrichment Curriculum and programming aligns to North Carolina and National K-12 educational standards.

4-H Embryology (2nd Grade)

4-H Embryology is a school enrichment program designed for second-grade classroom students. 4-H provides training to teachers, equipment, curriculum, and fertile eggs to each participating 2nd classroom. Through hatching chick eggs students learn about the life cycle, science, nature, responsibility, and keeping records. Because the project is hands-on, the students’ interests remain peaked as they diligently turn their eggs, “candle” to see different developmental stages, and await the moment for the chicks to “pip.” 

“I saw the responsibility my students take and soar with this project. This is by far the most special and rewarding science project I’ve ever completed with a group of students!” – Teacher Evaluation

“As always, this becomes the most cherished, enriching experience the children remember year after year. Thank you!” – Teacher Evaluation

Agriculture Field Trips (8th Grade)

For the past three years the N.C. Cooperative Extension office has organized a field trip educational experience with the 8th graders in Henderson County Public Schools to educate them about agriculture and careers related to agriculture.
N.C. Cooperative Extension, Henderson County, has been fortunate to have great partners where youth have learned about various aspects related to the agriculture industry: North River Farms, HCPS, BRCC, McConnell Farms, Soil and Water, and the Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center.
This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could not do the tours in person. However, with the help of cooperating partners, we have been able to put together a virtual tour that can be used in all of the schools and the general public! While we still look forward to future in-person field trips, we hope you find the information useful, informational, and fun!

Click for the Agriculture Virtual tour

Additional Resources

The North Carolina 4-H Curricula are subject to copyright and cannot be used or distributed without North Carolina 4-H’s permission. However, the 4-H Curricula can be used for free when working with your local N.C. Cooperative Extension!

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