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Cover photo for Plants and Their Names

Plants and Their Names

Like many people I look forward to the gardening season and the array of new plants that will be …

Henderson County Plant Clinic

Volutella Blight on Boxwoods

In our Henderson County Plant Clinic we diagnose plant problems for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers. We get live samples …

hemlock wooly adelgid

Treating Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

Unfortunately, an insect is killing our hemlock trees. The only option is an insecticide. Treating trees for hemlock trees …

fothergilla shrub

Gardening Update - April 2020

April is the month when spring flowers are blooming and leaves start emerging! There is plenty for the mountain …

garden tools

Gardening 101 - the Basics - Spring 2020

Gardening 101: The Basics By Sharon Mendelsohn, Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Henderson County Our Master Gardener℠ volunteer helpline frequently gets calls from …


Gardening Update - March 2020

Are you getting that gardening itch yet? Do you need to learn more about gardening? We’ve got you covered. Gardening …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

Phytophthora shoot blight on annual vinca

Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot on Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials

Identification and management of Phytophthora in annuals and herbaceous perennials in greenhouses and in the …

Zoysiagrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar

This publication for homeowners and landscapers describes how to mow, fertilize, irrigate, and control weeds …

Natural Learning Initiative Gardening Activity Guide

The Gardening Activity Guide is designed to expose young children to seasonal fruit and vegetable …

2 days ago
hummingbird trumpet flower

20. Wildlife

This Wildlife Chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook teaches readers to recognize the value of …

2 days ago

Greenhouse Weed Control

This publication discusses a number of options that are available to the greenhouse manager for …

Yellow tuft.

Yellow Tuft in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of yellow tuft.

2 weeks agoTurfFiles
Yellow patch stand symptoms.

Yellow Patch in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of yellow patch.

2 weeks agoTurfFiles
Take-all root rot on an ultradwarf bermudagrass putting green.

Take-All Root Rot in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of take-all root rot in turf.

2 weeks agoTurfFiles