Henderson County 4-H Welcomes a New Program Assistant!

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Hannah Worrell grew up in 4-H, and excelled in sewing, forestry, wildlife and shooting sports competitions. She served as an NC State intern for Cooperative Extension from May 2018 – March 2019, learning about Agriculture, Family Consumer Science, as well as 4-H. Hannah has been overseeing 4-H sewing classes since September. The Cooperative Extension staff is pleased to have “one of our own” join our ranks as the 4-H Program Assistant. Hannah says, “4-H has had a big impact on my life. It has taught me leadership skills, how to set and work toward goals, how to meet new people, how to win and lose in competitions, how to get involved in the community, about citizenship and what it is to serve. 4-H has equipped me for leadership opportunities in my club, school, church, and community. These are skills I will use for my lifetime.”

“I saw myself grow up from a never, ever, public speaker to loving to talk where people can hear, script or no script. Over the years I, the student, have had the privilege to become the teacher. I went from being a beginner in shooting, wildlife, and environmental competitions at district and state levels, to representing North Carolina on national levels. From showing up and working on community service projects within my club to creating ideas and being given opportunities to head up a project.” Hannah gives 4-H credit for helping her to be a more confident person, and says that 4-H “helps you to grow as an individual.”
IMage of Hannah Worrell