Snakes Are Active in Henderson County

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This summer has been warm and wet. There are high populations of rodents. All these things snakes enjoy.


Notice the saddle-like brown markings against a lighter tan background on this copperhead. The snake also has a wide triangular shaped head. These can be mistaken for common water snakes.

Luckily we only have two species of snakes that are poisonous locally; the timber rattler and the copperhead. We have heard from many residents who have reported seeing copperheads. Where timber rattlers tend to be shy and avoid areas where people are active, copperheads will go where they wish.

NC State publication on snake identification

This NC State Extension publication on SNAKES is helpful for identifying the harmless snakes from the poisonous snakes.

It is not unusual to run into a copperhead when hiking trails in moist woods. Gardeners run into them while weeding. Sometimes people find the snakes in their garage.

They key to fewer interactions with copperheads is avoiding them. Copperheads love water. Try to avoid hiking in moist woodlands near creeks in the heat of the summer. Do not stick your hands anywhere that you are not sure is snake free. Wear high boots and avoid sandals when hiking or gardening. Keep garage, porch, and basement doors closed.