Pest Alert: Azalea Lace Bug (ALB)

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azalea lacebug
Azalea lace bug (ALB) is a pest of azaleas and rhododendrons. ALB is a tiny insect that lives on the backside of azalea leaves. Their damage is often noticed in early summer.
Evergreen azaleas are most likely to be infested by ALB although deciduous azaleas and mountain laurel are also attacked by the azalea lace bug. Lace bugs feed by inserting their needle-like mouthparts into leaves and injecting saliva. When the lace bug sucks out the predigested cell contents, the empty cell walls form a noticeable pale spot. After what seems like a short time, lace bugs cause the leaves to become completely bleached out and bronzed.
Generally, ALB control requires insecticidal control. You can start with less toxic options like Neem oil. If this fails to control the insect you can use a stronger insecticide. 
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azalea lacebug
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