Downloading and Accessing Zoom for Online Meetings

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One of the new norms in the age of COVID-19 is having virtual meetings rather than meeting face-to-face. The public has become accustomed to several different formats on which these meetings are held. Zoom is one of the more popular platforms used and folks are often asked to join meetings or trainings via Zoom. First, you will need the Zoom app on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Follow the link below to download to your desktop or laptop. You can find the app for tablets and smartphones in Google Play or the App Store which are found in the link as well.

Zoom Download for PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

If you receive an invitation for a Zoom meeting, it’s real easy to join that meeting. This will also give you a chance to download the Zoom app if you don’t already have it. Follow the steps in the link below to join a Zoom meeting.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Once you have joined the meeting you will want to make sure your audio and video are working properly. Also, you have the opportunity to mute your audio or stop your video at any time during the meeting. To learn more about audio and video controls follow the steps in the link.

Joining & Configuring Audio and Video

You may receive an opportunity to join a Zoom meeting in the near future. So be prepared and get set up for the current “normal” in conducting and attending meetings.