Incubating Quail Eggs Day 20

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One more teacher returned the quail eggs and embryology equipment. Today is the last day to turn the eggs. We will turn the eggs 3 times today, and record the temperature and humidity.


From Day 1 – 20, we kept water in channel #1 in the bottom of the incubator, keeping the humidity between 45 – 55%. The first 20 days are called “Setting.”  Days 21 – 23 are called “Hatching.”  Starting on Day 21, teachers and 4-H volunteers will fill channel #1 and channel #2 with water, and keep the humidity between 55 – 65%. They will also stop turning the eggs. The chicks are getting into place to hatch. The increased humidity will help them hatch. Our incubators are from GQF Manufacturing Company. The incubator photos and directions below are from their incubators.

Candling the eggs on Day 20 we see that the fertile eggs are full of the baby chick. We can clearly see the air cell. We can also clearly see the infertile egg.

Note:  this is the continuation of the “Incubating Quail Eggs” Story.

Candling Day 20 fertile egg

Candling Day 20 fertile egg: see how the egg is full of the baby chick?

Candling Day 20 infertile egg

Candling Day 20 infertile egg

set-up instructions

Control Center set temp indicator

Control Center temp indicator

control center humidity indicator