Incubating Quail Eggs Day 18

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Four teachers from another school asked to return their quail eggs and incubators when Henderson County came under the “Shelter in Place” order. They had been keeping them at school, but were not able to take them home. Anita Heatherly, owner of Fawn Springs Farm, has been bringing her grandson, Levi, to the Barnyard Bandit’s 4-H Club. They are part of the Poultry Group. Anita graciously accepted the quail eggs, so that her grandson, Levi, could learn about incubating them. Anita raises all different colors of Orpington Chickens. She keeps detailed genetic records, and knows which colors are recessive and which are dominant. She incubates so many chicken eggs that she has a very large incubator. People travel from miles away to purchase her specialty eggs.

Note:  this is the continuation of the “Incubating Quail Eggs” Story.

Anita Heatherly with her grandson

Anita Heatherly with her grandson, Levi, turning quail eggs.

Set Temp

Anita Heatherly's incubator

Anita Heatherly’s incubator for many chicken eggs.

small Orpington chicks

Anita Heatherly’s small Orpington chicks

Orpington chicks

Some of Anita Heatherly’s Orpington chicks.

chickens in coop

Anita Heatherly’s special Orpingtons in their coop.


One of Anita Heatherly’s special Orpington’s


Several of Anita Heatherly’s special Orpington’s.