4-H Sewing Classes

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4-H sewing classes is a favorite special program for youth ages 8-18 to learn the skill of sewing with one-on-one mentors and a fun environment! Normally, classes run for a series of four weeks every other month on Thursday afternoons with two different time options of 1–3 p.m. or 3:30–5:30 p.m. Due to the rapid changes related to COVID-19 our regular 4-H sewing classes have been canceled until we can safely participate again.

That being said, sewing doesn’t have to end! There are several ways you can keep sewing for pleasure, or even help others with your skills from home!

One way sewing is being utilized right now is by sewing face mask to be worn during this time of shortages. The following video shows an easy way to create these washable masks out of spare fabric and elastic. This is a great 4-H project to highlight our 4-H program’s commitment to community service.

The past years’ sewing projects have included skirts, pants, shorts, aprons, pillows/pillowcases, quilted boxes, and other fun projects. These videos are some great tutorials on patterns we have learned in 4-H sewing classes before and can easily be re-created!

Burrito Pillow Case

Simple Block Quilt

Feel free to share with 4-H by email at Hannah_worrell@ncsu.edu about your own current projects and creative ways you are staying busy!