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August Garden Calendar – NC Mountains

August Garden Calendar

Plants in Flower

  • Crapemyrtle, Rose-of-Sharon, Peegee Hydrangea, Abelia, Canna, Dahlia, Trumpet Creeper, Cardinal Flower, Butterfly Weed, Phlox, Cleome, Hosta, Liriope and summer annuals

What to Fertilize

  • Strawberries will benefit from a feeding of nitrogen fertilizer this month.
  • Do NOT fertilize shrubs in late August, September, October or November.

What to Plant

  • Plant pansy seed this month in flats for planting in the landscape in September.
  • Spider lily (lycoris), colchicum (autumn crocus) and sternbergia bulbs should be planted in August.
  • Sow seed of the following perennials: hollyhock, delphinium and stokesia to produce healthy plants for next spring.
  • Continue repotting house plants.
  • Plant the following fall vegetable plants this month: beets, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard, radish, rutabaga, spinach, squash and turnip.

What to Prune

  • Do not prune shrubs in August, September, or October.

Pest Outlook

  • Spray the following landscape shrubs for the following insect pests: arborvitae and juniper(spider mites), azalea and pyracantha (lace bug).
  • Continue with rose spray program.
  • Peach and nectarine trees need a trunk spray for peach tree borers at the end of August.
  • Spray the following fall vegetables for insects: broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower (worms), squash (borers).
  • Continue weekly sprays on bunch grapes and tree fruits. .
  • Control the following woody weeds by spraying them with the recommended herbicide: greenbriar, kudzu, trumpet creeper and wisteria.

Lawn Care

  • Treat all lawn areas for grubs. Use the recommended insecticides.
  • In late August, prepare the lawn areas for seeding if you plan to have a tall fescue or bluegrass lawn.


  • Cuttings of your favorite shrubs can still be taken in August.

Specific Chores

  • If you are planning to do some fall landscape planting, be sure you have a planting plan prepared.
  • Continue watering favorite landscape plants and your vegetable garden if dry weather persists.
  • Begin the construction of a compost bin.
  • Dig Irish potatoes this month.

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