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European hornet European hornets are non-native insects that have been in the country for a very long time. The ancestors of today’s European hornets hitchhiked aboard ships in the days of sail. Since coming to these shores, they have naturalized across the country. These large wasps chew bark from trees then regurgitate it to make paper. The paper is molded into a large volleyball-sized nest. The nests can be found stuck to the sides of barns, decks, homes, or in trees.

The European hornet can be very aggressive if provoked. If you are allergic they can be dangerous. Their sting is very painful in any event.

To get rid of these wasps, use the aerosol  ‘Wasp and Bee Killer’ type insecticides that shoot a stream of insecticide up to 30′. Spray the nest at dusk after the wasps have retired for the evening. Use caution when near the nest. If this is not a task you are up for then you can get your pest control company to take care of the nest for you.

European hornet nest

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Hornet nest

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Updated on Jun 8, 2021
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