4-H Project Record and Portfolio Winners

— Written By Denise Sherrill

Congratulations to the following people for winning medals with their 2019 4-H Project Records and Portfolios. Judging was done at the district level for project records, which is the highest level, and district and state level for portfolios. The gold medal project records will earn $50 from NC 4-H.

Portfolio (3 years of work in one project area)
Haley Hargus – Beef (age 13-15 ) – Gold at the district and state level – Haley will receive $100 from NC 4-H for her state level gold medal portfolio.

Project Records
Emma Wilkie – Environmental Science (age 13-15) – Gold
Elize Mohammed – Plant Science (age 8-10) – Gold
Avery Capps – Animal Science (age 8-10) – Silver
Elizabeth Lyda – Healthy Lifestyles (age 11-12) – Silver
Hannah Queen – Citizenship & Civic Education (age 13-15) – Bronze
Rose Willis – Environmental Science (age 8-10) – Bronze
Agnes Willis – Family Consumer Science (age 11-12) – Bronze
Emma Wilkie – Healthy Lifestyles (age 13-15) – Bronze
Hannah Brake – Personal Development and Leadership (age 13-15) – Bronze

Individuals will be contacted as soon as we receive the project records and medals.

It’s Time to Start Working on Your 2020 4-H Project Record!

For forms and the NC 4-H Awards Handbook, visit this website4-H RecordbookProject records are due January 4, 2021, to the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Henderson County Center. Contact Denise_Sherrill@ncsu.edu or Hannah_Worrell@ncsu.edu if you have any questions.
Make an appointment to meet us at the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Henderson County office for us to help you with your project record.
Here is the link for project record forms for Cloverbuds, ages 5–7 as of January 1: Cloverbud project record, age 5-7