USDA Adds More Commodities to Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

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USDA announced Tuesday, August 11, 2020, that additional commodities are now covered by the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP). Additionally, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is extending the deadline to apply for the program to September 11th, and producers with approved applications will receive their final payment.

To ensure the availability of funding, producers with approved applications initially received 80 percent of their payments. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) will automatically issue the remaining 20 percent of the calculated payment to eligible producers. Going forward, producers who apply for CFAP will receive 100 percent of their total payment, not to exceed the payment limit, when their applications are approved.

To apply for the program, producers, especially those who have not worked with the Farm Service Agency previously, are recommended to call 877-508-8364 to begin the application process. An FSA staff member can help producers start their application during the phone call.

The entire news release from USDA is available from the link below.

USDA Press Release on CFAP and CARES Act Updates