Garden Update – August 2020

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Plants in Flower

Crapemyrtle, Rose-of-Sharon, Peegee Hydrangea, Abelia, Echinacea, Canna, Dahlia, Trumpet Creeper, Cardinal Flower, Daylily, Butterfly Weed, native Phlox, Cleome, Hosta, Liriope and summer annuals.


What to Fertilize

Strawberries will benefit from a feeding of nitrogen fertilizer this month. Do NOT fertilize shrubs in late August, September, October or November.

What to Plant

  • Plant pansy seed this month in flats for planting in the landscape in September.
  • Spider lily (lycoris), colchicum (autumn crocus) and sternbergia bulbs should be planted in August.
  • Sow seed of the following perennials: hollyhock, delphinium and stokesia to produce healthy plants for next spring.
  • Continue repotting house plants.
  • Plant the following fall vegetable plants this month: beets, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard, radish, rutabaga, spinach, squash and turnip.

What to Prune

Avoid pruning trees or shrubs in August, September, or October. Wait until winter to do heavy pruning.

Pest Outlook

  • Scout the following landscape shrubs for the following insect pests: arborvitae and juniper (spider mites), roses (black spot), azalea and pyracantha (lace bug).
  • Peach and nectarine trees need a trunk spray for peach tree borers at the end of August.
  • Scout the following fall vegetables for insects: broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower (worms), squash (borers). Use organic sprays if necessary.
  • Continue weekly organic sprays on bunch grapes and tree fruits.
  • Control the following woody weeds by spraying them with the recommended herbicide: greenbriar, kudzu, trumpet creeper and wisteria.

Lawn Care

  • Treat all lawn areas for grubs. Use the recommended insecticides.
  • In late August, prepare the lawn areas for seeding if you plan to have a tall fescue or bluegrass lawn.


Cuttings of your favorite shrubs can still be taken in August.

Specific Chores

  • If you are planning to do some fall landscape planting, be sure you have a landscape plan prepared.
  • Continue watering favorite landscape plants and your vegetable garden if dry weather persists.
  • Begin the construction of a compost bin.
  • Dig Irish potatoes this month.