Rust Fungus in Fescue Lawns

— Written By Lawn

Does your fescue lawn have scattered brown leaves in the stand of grass? Have you taken great care of your lawn and it still looks a little rough?

If so, your grass could have Rust fungus (see pictures). Fortunately, this is not a serious disease of fescue. Generally, rust fungus does not kill the grass although it can make it look less than perfect.

Rust infections tend to happen when the weather has been cloudy and damp for a while and grass grows slowly. If you look closely at the grass leaves you will see yellow spores. Sometimes the infection can be so severe that yellow clouds of spores will cover shoes when walking through the lawn.

You can treat rust fungus with fungicides. However, the fungus eventually goes away without treatment. Remember, if you do choose to use fungicides, the chemical must be applied regularly to work properly. Always follow labeled instructions and safety precautions when using a pesticide.

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fescue with rust diseaseUp close rust