Recognition That Was Well-Deserved and Long Overdue

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The North Carolina Extension Association of Administrative Professionals recently held its annual meeting. Two of N.C. Cooperative Extension of Henderson County’s employees attended this conference. One of the two came home with her luggage a little heavier than when she left. She was carrying several awards that she accumulated at the meeting.

Ivylyn (Ivy) Olson, our long-time Administrative Assistant was the recipient of three awards at the conference. Ivy just completed her 12th year with our office and plans to retire in March (we’re still hopeful she will change her mind). These awards were the culmination of all of that she has contributed to Cooperative Extension over the last several years.

Ivy won the Distinguished Service Award for the West District. But on top of that, she won the overall State Distinguished Service Award. The criteria for the DSA is listed below:

  • exemplify leadership that would distinguish an individual from others
  • provide inspiration to the NCCEAPA and members of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension (NCCE) community by virtue of their leadership, service, and high ethical standards
  • support and advocate for NCCE and NC State and NC A&T State Universities

Nominees should have made outstanding contributions to NCCE and NCCEAPA through:

  • active involvement in NCCEAPA at all
  • excellent office management, including continuing enhancement of skills and knowledge, including technology skills
  • projecting a positive image of NCCE and NCCEAPA to clientele, county partners, and networking agencies
  • exhibiting a high degree of professionalism
  • demonstrating flexibility and excellent customer service skills
  • innovative ideas and use of technology in project management, webpages, and printed pieces

In addition to these awards, Ivy also won the Sue Mills Lighthouse Award: Spirit of Light. This award is funded via memorial funds held by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Foundation (NCCEF) and is dedicated to the memory of Susan Austin Mills.

The criteria for this award include how and why the nominee has been an inspiration to you and how the individual has made a difference within the organization. Leadership qualities, enthusiasm, and zest for life should be included because this award is designed to recognize an individual who has made a difference.

Both of these awards area reflection of Ivy’s character, work ethic and dedication. We congratulate Ivy on these milestone achievements in her career.