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Club Reports

Lab Rats 4-H Club, Michael Meranda, Reporter:

A Drop Of Randomness

In January the Lab Rats learned about Archaeology. We excavated for items and documented our findings using a grid system. Our younger group excavated chocolate chips out of their cookies. We also nominated Elize Mohammed for the Miss Jean award and Lizzie Lyda for the Sue Janowiak award.

In February we had fun dissecting owl pellets. Some of the Lab Rats went to Achievement night. We helped clear tables and brought bread. Leah Drechsel, Ezra and Elize Mohammed, Lizzie Lyda, and Matthew and Michael Meranda earned ribbons for their project records.

In March the older kids learned about Marine Biology. We learned about Killer Whales and then played a trivia game to test our knowledge. The younger kids learned about animal habitats and played games to practice which animals live where. We held one of our meetings on a video conference because we are all social distancing due to COVID-19.

youth meeting over videoconferencing

Apron’s Optional 4-H Club Report, Anna Gage, Reporter
The Apron’s Optional 4-H Club had a chance to cater for about 200 people for 4-H Achievement Night on February 18th. This was the first time in many years that Achievement Night has been a banquet serving a full dinner. Many of the clubs as well as county council came together to bake food, decorate tables, and serve, to make it a great night. We met on February 11th and made 24 lasagnas and froze them. On the 18th we baked the lasagnas as well as prepared a few other options for people with allergies. We helped set the silverware for the tables and washed a lot of dishes. When serving lasagna and washing that many dishes, aprons are not optional!
We continue to learn about the political process as we support our leader’s son, Madison Cawthorn, in his campaign for Congress.
youth cooking food preparation youth cooking
Leaders in Training 4-H Club, Rose Willis, Reporter
The Leaders in Training 4-H club has been learning about bees through January and February, getting taught by a professional beekeeper, Ricky Manning. In January, he taught us how to keep bees. On February 11, he showed us how to make hand cream out of beeswax and other oils.
club members
making hand cream
Hoofbeats 4-H Club Report, by Katie Fletcher, Reporter
At this month’s 4-H meeting we talked about the fact the Horse Bowl has changed some rules, and tried out those new rules. We discussed what is happening for the next meeting, Coloring for a Cause. To end the meeting we did a program about the horse nutrients.
Aprons Optional 4-H  Club, Anna Gage, Reporter
The Aprons Optional 4-H  Club will be helping to cater Achievement night in February and will be making 25 lasagnas. At a recent meeting we practiced by making 6 lasagnas.
In December we went to see the Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn.
Some of our regular meetings have been put on hold because our leader’s son, Madison Cawthorn, is running for Congress. He was a former 4H member and some of the club has had the opportunity to get involved with the campaign.

gingerbread contest

making lasagna

candidate and 4-Hers

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Katie Fletcher, Reporter

At the January meeting for the Hoofbeats, we talked about the Horse Bowl which is coming up in February, the District Horse Show and the Art Contest. We also mentioned that we need to plan a trip to Hope for Horses and figure out how much we want to donate to them. To close off the meeting Ms.Wendy showed us some bits so that we could learn about the different kinds. 

The Aprons Optional Homemaking 4-H Club, Anna Gage, Reporter
The Aprons Optional Homemaking 4-H Club made four entries for the 4-H Bake-Off. We won two awards, the second place in the senior category, and the grand prize. We also made gingerbread dough for people to roll, cut out, and decorate.
club members
Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Mason Perry, Reporter:
The Barnyard Bandits held their annual 4-H dance with the Sandy Mush 4-H Club.The event was held on Saturday November 23. We hold this event every year to celebrate the accomplishments of the two 4-H groups.
line dancing
The Barnyard Bandits are also asking for volunteers and donations for the upcoming Flat Rock Pizza Thanksgiving event where they provide meals for families in need. They also collect clothes, shoes & socks, sleeping bags, hygiene products, gloves and canned goods. This event will be held on Thanksgiving Day from 12 to 5 p.m.
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Katie Fletcher, Reporter
At the November 5th meeting, The Hoofbeats 4-H Club planned out the Christmas party and talked about the Horse Bowl. Training for the Horse Bowl starts November 16 at the barn. The Christmas party is tentatively December 7.

At the start of the meeting, we practiced having steady hands while riding.
Leaders in Training 4-H Club, Hannah Brake, Reporter

On the last weekend in July the Leaders in Training 4-H club got together for their yearly tradition, backyard camping. This year the backyard camping trip was hosted in the Brake’s backyard. Everyone learned how to build and program robots using computers that were provided by families. We cooked our foil packets which contained our dinner over the campfire. Later on that afternoon we attended a concert for the Brevard summer series out at the Brevard music center. The next day we went out to Dupont forest and hiked Wintergreen Falls.


Aprons Optional 4-H Club, Anna Gage, Reporter
The Aprons Optional Homemaking Club was started this fall. We met on Tuesdays at Rae’s Cottage Kitchen in Flat Rock and made whole wheat rolls from freshly ground wheat which we sold at J&D Produce. We also learned how to make other foods by preparing lunch and eating together. We learned how to be good hostesses by decorating the table with a different theme each week.

cooking project

Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter

In September we studied the Solar System and the History of Space Exploration. We mapped the moon and learned about different constellations. We also did a project to show how far each planet is from the sun. Our downstairs Lab Rats drew the night sky and made a booklet. All lab rats were encouraged to decide on a project record topic.

rocket project

Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter

In August we met one time. We reviewed body systems. We had four new members. The younger Lab Rats completed a Body Book. The older Lab Rats rotated to three stations. 1. Identifying Smells 2. Identifying bones/muscles 3. plank and grip strength. We also walked in the King Apple Parade on Labor Day. Many Lab Rats volunteered at the Kiwanis breakfast by helping clean and restock tables.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, September 2019,   Katie Fletcher, Reporter

The Hoofbeats 4-H Club met on September 3rd at the Expo building on the Fairground. We set up the booth. And then new officers where elected. Kiera as President, Izzy as Vice President, Chole as minutes, Emily as Treasurer, and Katie as Reporter. The meeting was from 5-7. Next Meeting is October 1st.

FernLeaf 4-H Club,  Sophia and Noah Speers, reporters

Studying mushrooms at the talking tree forest:club studying mushrooms

I really liked learning about mushrooms. Here are some of the qualities of the mushrooms.

  • Some change color when bruised.
  • The milk cap mushroom oozes white sticky liquid when its bruised or broken.
  • Jack-o-lantern mushrooms glow GREEN in the dark. They are orange.
  • Some mushrooms (puffballs) shoot spores into the air if you hit them with a stick.
  • If you eat the sickener you will vomit. You will be fine after about an hour. If you eat the death cap or a destroying angel it’s worse.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching a mushroom.
  • Some mushrooms have gills.mushrooms

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Zachary Swekosky, Reporter

club members

Young Naturalists 4-H Club worked on pulling invasive weeds along the French Broad River.

May was the month of our Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program competition, so we were hard at work preparing. Maggie McCall was the 1st place Junior, and Emma Wilkie was the second place Senior! We did a lot of volunteer work and helped sell hot dogs at Ace Hardware to raise money for our club. We also helped remove invasive plant species along the French Broad River where they’re trying to repair it’s habitat. We still have rifle and archery practices every other week and are hoping to plan more service projects and field trips for the summer.
Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter
In April the Lab Rats learned about chemical and physical reactions. We used vinegar to clean pennies, experimented with vinegar and baking soda and also mentos and sodas. We learned to keep data and about the scientific method. We also volunteered at the Seeds and Sprouts Sale to benefit foster families.
chemistry experiments
Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter
In March the Lab Rats learned about map reading and outdoor skills. We set up a tent, practiced reading maps and we learned about plants. Our younger group learned about classifying animals based on what they eat.
learning camping skills
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Ivory Eatmon, Reporter
Scott Sullivan came and gave us a presentation on proper hoof trimming. 

He referred to Chloe’s horse (Country) because her hooves were trimmed too short. So, he showed and told us how to correct it. We also met last night at Wendy’s to do a service project for the humane society. We used recycled t-shirts, paper towel rolls, and socks to make toys for cats and dogs.
club members
Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Zachary Swekosky, Reporter
Our club has been hard at work since January meeting every other week studyingfor our competition in May. In March some of our newer members learned about our blue bird boxes we made a few years ago and how to take care of them and about the blue birds. In April we took a field trip to Vulcan rock quarry and learned about rocks and the wildlife habitat they’ve created there. Also in April our club volunteered at Tractor Supply Company and were able to raise $1,082! We are also creating club t-shirts with available advertisement spaces on the back for local businesses who want to pay and support us. We have only a few meetings left till our competition so we’re making sure we’re all prepared and have been practicing hard.
club members
February and March, 2019
Members of the Leaders in Training 4-H Club delivered dog beds that they made to the Blue Ridge Humane Society. Hannah Brake, Reporter, March 17, 2019
delivering dog beds
The Leaders in Training 4-H Club has been making dog beds to send to the Blue Ridge Humane Society. We have made approximately 15 beds of different sizes. We will be delivering the beds to the shelter on Sunday March 17, 2019. The Leaders in Training 4-H Club also participated in the Color for a Cause event at the Blue Ridge Mall on Tuesday 5 March 2019. We had a great time coloring our poster and shopping to raise money for a cause. – Hannah Brake, Reporter
dog bed projectposter
October Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter

The Lab Rats learned about electricity and about magnets. We did several different experiments just to see how magnets react with each other. We learned about circuits and created an open and closed circuit. We used robotic kits and games to further our understanding. Yitzy Askin gave a presentation about time travel. Aaron Askin gave a presentation about a funny rabbi. Sara Boles spoke about baking and Ricky taught us about popcorn.

club members4-Hersclub members

October Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Shyanne Capps, Reporter

This month there was a 4-H dance. It was very fun and there was a lot of food and people. 

October 4-H Hoof Beats 4-H Club

-Ivory Eatmon, Reporter

We had two whole new families and a couple new girls joined  us!
We discussed our fair booth and fun show. The fun show was a success! It was our best turn out!
Then we talked about World Equestrian Games and who all went, and what they experienced.
We are gathering participants for the Horse Bowl, which is coming up. Also, we reminded everyone to come to Farm City Day, Agricultural Day, Project Record training, and Officer training.

October is games month at the Cantrell Farm. We did a race by leading horses in the arena to a pole and back.

learning about horses
Lab Rats 4-H Club, Elize Mohammed, Reporter
On the first meeting we elected our officers. Here are the results:
President- Ezra Mohammed
Vice President- Michael Meranda
Secretary- Eliana Askin
Treasurer- Sara Boles 
Reporter- Elize Mohammed
Recreation Leader- Matthew Meranda
Representatives- Lizzie Lyda, Leah Drechsel, Yitsy Askin
We learned about sounds and how it travels through the air and reaches our ears. The younger group learned about the five senses. The older group made a bead drum out of a cup, string, tape, a pencil, and beads. The younger group made egg shakers using plastic spoons, an easter egg, and beads. 
The second meeting the officers lead for the first time. Our first club presentations were given by Lizzie Lyda and Sam Lyda. We learned about anatomy-  lungs and the heart. We colored a heart to show blood flow and made a lung model using a plastic bottle, tape, and two balloons. The younger group made a skeleton model on a piece of paper using Q-tips, glue, and labels that they cut out. 
Our club has two service projects coming up. In October we will go to East Flat Rock Park and do a clean up day. In November we will do a clean up day at the library in Edneyville. 
club projectsBarnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Shyanne Capps, Reporter

In the month of August we had a livestock show in McDowell County on the first weekend. In the middle of the month we had the Gary Stamey Livestock Clinic. We had fun learning how to prepare and show a cow or steer. There was a livestock show in Haywood County on the last weekend of the month.

September like always is very busy. Some of the 4-Hers walked in the Apple Festival while others worked on the fair booth. We had Beef Showmanship on Friday and then the Beef Cattle Show on Saturday. After the show the Dairy Steers had to be sold. Luckily everyone in our 4-H group got to buy back their Dairy Steer. The pig show kept us really busy. Sadly the goat, sheep and Dairy cow shows were canceled because of Hurricane Florence. The annual 4-h auction was a big success we helped raise money for our 4-H club and others in our community. We had good food and lots of helpers.

showing cattle

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Ivory Eatmon, Reporter

Tuesday we met at the AG Center to set up our booth for the Mountain State Fair. We talked about the Tryon Equestrian Center’s World Games and going as a group. We are getting ready for our Fun Show at Etowah Riding Club on Sept 29 at 1 p.m. The Fun Show is our yearly fundraiser consisting of 10 games on horses and open for all ages! Thank you so much!

Look for our booth at the fair! Here’s a photo.
booth for Mountain State Fair
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Ivory Eatmon, Reporter
We planned classes for Hoof Beats 4-H Fun Show for Sept. 29 (with a rain date of Sept. 30) at Etowah Riding Club. We held officer elections. They are Reporter & County Council Representative: Ivory, Show Chairman: Kiera, Treasurer: Kaylee, Secretary: Chloe, Vice President: Olivia, President: Kayia and Danielle.
We also planned the booth for the  Mountain State Fair. The Sept. meeting will be at the Ag. Center to set up the booth.
Kaiya Thomas, Young Naturalists 4-H Club Reporter
Young Naturalist Field Trip to Joyce Kilmer 6-8-18:
We hiked 2 miles and found several huge trees. Most of the trees were poplar and
a few other types. 
club members
club members club members

Danielle Kuykendall, 4-H Hoofbeats Reporter

At our June meeting, the Hoofbeats discussed the upcoming district presentations a few of our members will be participating in and have plans to begin organizing the 4-H Fun Show next meeting. After the meeting, members practiced their vaulting skills on hay bales in the hayloft. 

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Chloe Jackson, Secretary club members
Old news: Etowah Riding Club dressage show.
New business: 4H open show at ag center.
Worked on: presentations, and public speaking.
Trying to do: Go to Tryon reining show May 10 or 11,2018, and have a fun day at Mrs.Wendy’s sometime in June/ cleaning blankets, grooming and playing with horses/ and may have pizza and salad.

The Hooked on Horticulture 4-H Club visited Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in members

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Kaiya Thomas, Reporter
January 16th, 2018, we had a field trip to “Serpentarium Magic,” in Mills River. They taught us how to identify different types of snakes. We got to touch a few reptiles.

In February we started weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
At our January, 2018, meeting, the Hoofbeats briefly recapped the previous year’s events and discussed the upcoming events on the calendar. The group voted to be part of the West District 4-H Horse Bowl, and at the meeting we selected team members for this event. We also learned there are tons of categories the questions can be selected from! After the meeting we practiced for the Horse Bowl by going over the previous years questions.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Shyanne Capps, Reporter
In the month of October, 2017, the Barnyard Bandits helped with Farm City Day. Like always we had a petting zoo, horse and pony rides. This year people also had a chance to walk a llama. Some of the pig group went to Raleigh to show their pigs at the NC State Fair. The 4-H dance at Browns Farm was fun. This year we drew names for dance partners and danced the Chicken Dance and the Macarena. Everyone at the dance voted for a Jr. Mr. and Jr. Miss. Clover, a Sr. Mr. and Sr. Miss. Clover and also an Old Fogies Mr. and Mrs. Clover. From the Barnyard Bandits Avery Capps won the Jr. Miss Clover, Hailey Hargus won the Sr. Miss. Clover and Chris and Katie Gatty won the Old Fogies Mr. and Mrs. Clover. This year the Officer’s Training was at Mud Creek Baptist Church on the 24th which is also Tanner Queen’s birthday.
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The Hoofbeats is a 4-H club in Henderson County that specializes in learning about horses. We meet monthly at a barn when the weather is nice and learn about nutrition, horsemanship, horse health, and different riding disciplines. On September tenth, the Hoofbeats put on our annual fun show at the Etowah Riding Club for the community. The show was a fundraiser for Hope for Horses, a rescue organization in western North Carolina. The show was run primarily by the club members, with each person being assigned a job. The classes for the show were an interesting mix of traditional classes,such as pole bending and barrel racing. There were also classes such as egg and spoon, and Pony Express where riders raced packages from barrel to barrel, stacking them as they rode. The riders enjoyed getting to test their skills and “horsing” around. Overall, the Hoofbeats look forward to putting on this show each year, and bringing an element of fun to the horse show atmosphere.
barrel racer girl with water club member and horse
Leaders-In-Training 4-H Club, John Paul Torres, Reporter
During the summer months, the Leaders-In-Training 4-H Club has focused on citizenship, community service, and fun.
For citizenship we have toured the Henderson County Historic Court House, and learned about trials by participating in a mock trial.
For community service we have helped organize clothes at God’s Closet in Mills River, and planted flowers in the yard of Open Arms Pregnancy Center.
And finally, for fun, we went camping at Orchard Lake Campground. While we were there, we roasted chicken and veggies over the fire, and went on a photography scavenger hunt. In addition, a few of our club members are taking photography classes offered by the Camera Club of Hendersonville.
club members
garden project


Hoofbeats 4-H Club,  Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter

This year at Time to Ride the Hoofbeats introduced 69 people to the world of horses. We held 4 sessions total, which went very well. The people who came enjoyed the sessions and it was a great for the club members to learn about a topic to present to people. We hope that we are able to do Time to Ride next year and that it will go just as smoothly!

horse groominghorse project
Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Tanner Queen, Reporter
In February the Barnyard Bandits’ members worked on and completed 11 project records. Also, we had Lindsey Bryant and Bryson Capps come and give demonstrations on Outdoor Cookery. Also, we had a demonstration on knot-tying.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tatum Epperson, Reporter

In January, the Henderson County Young Naturalists had a new members meeting, Learned about a bluebird box program, and actually helped build bluebird boxes to set up around Jackson Park.

During the month of December, the Young Naturalists 4-H Club went to Operation Christmas Child, had a business meeting, and had a Christmas party. At Operation Christmas Child, we helped pack and sort through the donated shoe boxes. This process is so important because if the wrong items get into certain countries it can be dangerous for children and their families. By going to volunteer, we helped Samaritans Purse go through some of the hundreds of thousands of boxes they deliver per year!

club members
Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Tanner Queen, Reporter
In December,  the Barnyard Bandits wrote and sent Christmas Cards to Veterans and The Elderly.
Hooked on Horticulture 4-H Club, Reagan Gage, Reportergroup
The Hooked on Horticulture Club is looking forward to a year of horticulture related field trips. We started our year with a meeting at Stepp Orchards where we elected officers, and planned field trips and service activities. Out first field trip was at Granddad’s Apples where we watched and learned about cider making. Our first service activity was to weed and trim the plants in the InterFaith Assistance Ministries parking lot, and help get it ready to sell. We also ran a table at Farm City Day where kids could play a bean bag toss game and learn about parts of a flower. Most recently, we toured Turf Mountain Sod to learn how sod is grown.
Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Molly McMinn and Tanner Queen, Reporters
This month, The Barnyard Bandits held their annual dance. The dance was on Nov. 5 from 5-9 p.m. The dance was a great success. All who attended had a great time. The dance was held at a beautiful rustic barn in Weaverville, NC. We had s’mores, food, a fire pit and a lot of dancing and fun. Also we had sound extreme as our DJ. Overall we had around 40 guests in attendance.
Sugarloaf Mountain Lions 4-H Club, Santiago, Reporter
Here are our topics for our 4-H Presentations:
Santiago = insects
Hector = the Fox and the Hound
Jade = cats
Andrea = China
Holli = Descendants
Diego = Dr. Seuss Books
Liberty = cheetahs
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
At the 4-H Hoofbeats November meeting, we elected new officers. As of now these are the officers.
President–  Kaiya
Co-Presidents–  Ella, Gracie
Vice President —  Ally,  Izzy
Treasurer– Kaellee
Show Chairman– Zachary,  (Bryce to intern)
Since all 3 of the presidents play sports at different times of the year they will be rotating who is president throughout the year.                                   

At the fun show the Hoofbeats were able to raise $250 for Hope for Horses. After the organization gets settled into their new location we plan on visiting and presenting them with the donation.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Molly McMinn and Tanner Queen, Reporters
The Barnyard Bandits 4-H club had a spot at Farm City Day. They had: horse rides, pony rides, llama walks, and other animals and food. From that they had made $2,800 Dollars. It was very successful for them. They are planning to use the funds to plan their barn dance in November.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The 4-H Hoofbeats were able to introduce 106 people to horses through the Time to Ride event. Many people were interested in taking riding lessons and learning more about horses after going through the program. Many 4-H Hoofbeats members also learned a lot more about the subject they were teaching, expanding their knowledge about horses. Overall it was good publicity for 4-H and the equine community.

At our September meeting, the 4-H Hoofbeats planned for the upcoming Time to Ride and the 4-H Hoofbeats Fall Fun Show. We hope both events have a good turnout and go well!
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
At our July meeting, the Hoofbeats planned for the Time to Ride event this Saturday and discussed EPM in horses. For the program Ms. Wendy had the members split into groups who had to move a horse from one place to another, working as group, and not touching the horse. This helped build teamwork and communication skills.
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
At their April meeting the 4-H Hoofbeats learned about natural horsemanship and how to apply it to the horse they were working with
Dana Wildcats 4-H Clubcitizenship project
The Dana Wildcats 4-H Club sponsored an opportunity for Dana Elementary School students in the 2nd – 5th grades to research the various candidates running for President, and use their voice to vote for the candidates they thought should represent our country. The club members made posters to place around the school explaining the vote. They made a Google form where the students were able to vote March 10th-15th in the Computer Lab. The students were also asked to write why they chose their candidate. The Dana Wildcats 4-H Club members learned how important it is to research the candidates in order to make an informed decision, which is our civic responsibility! The results were interesting and the club plans to coordinate a Kids Vote in the Fall.
Hooked on Horticulture 4-H Club, Reagan Gage, Reporter
Hooked on Horticulture is a relatively new club taught by Kerrie Roach and some Master Gardeners. Thanks to Bullington Gardens, who allows us to meet at their greenhouse, we have been able to do lots of fun plant experiments together each month. We have made our own chia pets, plant pots and potted bulbs and we are hoping to make a worm compost bin soon. We’ve experimented to find out where bean plants grow best and learned how to tell the difference between a monocot and a dicot. We are looking forward to becoming certified Junior Master Gardeners soon!
Sugarloaf Mountain Lions 4-H Club, Parris, Reporter
We started our presentations. We chose topics. We all did a very good job. We chose what we want to do.We printed pictures a lot. It was a very fun activity. Thank you.
Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The 4-H Hoofbeats held their January meeting on the 5th. After our meeting Ms. Wendy did a program on horse first-aid.

At their February meeting the Hoofbeats discussed the upcoming Horse Bowl and Achievement Night in addition to other contests and events coming up in March. After the meeting Ms. Wendy led us through a hands on program about body condition in relation to fitness for horses.

The 4-H Hoofbeats held an extra meeting on Saturday the 27th. We met at Ms. Wendy’s barn and each 4-H member got a horse to work with as we practiced showmanship. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the chance to hang out with the horses!

The Hoofbeats had their March meeting on the 1st. At this meeting we discussed upcoming presentations, the 4-H show, our Hope for Horses trip, and a date for the fall fun show. After the meeting we applied our newly learned horse first aid knowledge to a game. In the game you had to diagnose the horses problems based on the symptoms exhibited. Overall it was a fun night and we look forward to the next meeting.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The 4-H Hoofbeats held their Christmas party on December 5th at Holly Obermiller’s house. Everybody brought food and desserts for a feast, then played a traditional and tangling game to test everyone’s horse knowledge. Lastly we had a gift exchange in which we all ended up with our own gifts and had to redo the exchange! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Sugarloaf Mountain Lions 4-H Club, December, by 4H club members
We used the gavel for the first time to call the meeting to order. We talked about the Christmas parade and decided to type up the information. We pledged allegiance and we did our pledge to the 4H flag. We did the sharing activity. “Tell me About It” activity.
We completed by doing our report and Parris was assigned the role of time keeper.
Sugarloaf Mountain Lions 4-H Club, November

The year book club took our club pictures. We shared kitchen utensils. The people that did not bring in utensils got to pick out of Ms. Joanna’s grab bag . This is our first report. From he 4-H club members Ava, Jade, Kieran, Cole, Parris,  Juiliana, Andrew, Neeley, Morgan, and Kayla.clover

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The group made arrangements for the upcoming Christmas party and trip to a rescue organization, Hope for Horses. After that the group leader conducted a lesson on various types of facial tack for horses.
The Dana Wildcats 4H Club went to Carillon Assisted Living on Tuesday, October 20th to take decorated pumpkins they had made during a club meeting. They collected leaves with residents and then decoupaged the leaves on pint canning jars. It was a Win Win experience for both our 4H members and the residents! We plan to go back in December.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club Sewing Group

This year in the Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club sewing group, we have done quite a bit. We started the year off making skirts, shirts, and dresses for the 4-H Fashion Revue. After the Fashion Revue, we did a community service project for the mothers on Mother’s Day at a retirement home. We made the mothers tissue holders and homemade flowers. We then delivered them to the mothers. Once we finished that, we learned to either knit or crochet. Then came Father’s Day and the group decided to make the fathers at the retirement home bookmarks and glasses holders out of ties. We will then deliver them to the fathers. So far it has been a very busy year. But the year isn’t over yet! We still have lots of things to do this year and years on.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Alice Bloemsma Reporter

Congratulations to Hannah Worrell, Tatum Epperson, Matthew King and Luke Maybin , our Senior B WHEP team !!! This month our club went to state for the WHEP competition and Our Senior team won 1st place and are going on to nationals. One of our Junior WHEP teams won 2nd place. Luke Maybin  won 1st individual as well. Our Club are all so proud of Our teams ! We look forward to the oncoming month of Rifle and Archery practices. A Big thanksto Mrs Worrell for all her hard work training us THANK YOU !!!

WHEP champs Luke Maybin Hannah Worrell Tatum Epperson Matthew King
April report:
This Month our Club has been busy getting ready for the WHEP competition coming up on May 9th. Our Club has also started Rifle and Archery practices and so far we have no casualties to report. We are all excited for the oncoming events that the next month brings.

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Kathryn Worley, Vice President

This month the Homesteaders were given the opportunity to participate in multiple activities. Mrs. Dixon, the grandmother of members Dawson and Dahlia Jacobs, taught us how to make biscuits from scratch, while Mrs. Quinn, member Micah Quinn’s mother, taught us how to make butter. Long-time 4-H supporter, Ms. Bessie Bright, taught our younger members how to hand-sew change purses. We also prepared boxes for our Books for Good book collection. Money raised through this project will go to help our club members attend 4-H Congress.

Dana 4-H Club
The Dana Wildcat 4H Club went to Carillon Assisted Living Facility on March 31 to color Easter Eggs with our new friends. It was a blessing for all! We have visited Carillon Assisted Living in December to share ornaments and sing carols, in February to make and decorate Valentine cards, and in March for Easter. Our 4H club plans to continue this community service again next year as we know it is a Win Win for everyone!

The Dana Elementary 4H  organized a canned food drive at school to collect food for families in our community that need food items. They collected over 200 cans, packaged food, flour, etc. “Dana’s cans can make a difference” was the theme.

canned food group small

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Alice Bloemsma, Reporter
This month the Young Naturalists had a eventful February. We went to Beach Mountain and enjoyed a day of skiing on the slopes. Some of our group also spoke at 4-H Achievement Night while others helped where they were needed. WHEP has also started for our group and we are excited for the oncoming month and activities.

LIT 4-H Club, Cayden Brackett, Reporter
Today’s meeting was based on County and State 4-H. In the picture above we are putting together a scrapbook for the County scrapbook. “It was difficult because we only get 4 pages.” Says Mia. We also made magnets for The Leaders Meeting in Raleigh.

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Kathryn Worley, Vice President
The Homesteaders have had a wonderful last two months. Last month our activity included packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Dahlia Jacobs gave a club talk on her mission trip to Puerto Rico.

This month’s activity was making no-sew blankets and taking them to the nursing homes. We also went through the halls and sang Christmas carols. We had a small buffet of snacks each family brought and we played hot potato. Samantha Grady gave a club talk on knitting and another on the origin of the game we were playing. Dawson Jacobs gave a club talk on rock climbing.

Leaders In Training 4-H Club, Jesse Jakubielski, Reporter
At our meeting, the club members made duct tape pencil bags. Last week we helped Rebekah Torres with her school supply project for military families in Asheville.

 sorting military supplies

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Dahlia Jacobs, Reporter

The Homesteaders’ Club has had an awesome year, full of fun opportunities. In May, we had an end of the year party at the Jacobs’ Family Farm where we enjoyed an array of food held in the upstairs part of their barn. Old fashioned games were played including sack races & tin can toss. We even learned about shitake mushroom forest farming. We finished up with a bonfire. In July, our leaders, Suzanne C. & Anjie G. put together a week-long summer camp. On Monday, we played team building games, tie-dyed and bleach washed t-shirts, made our own mozzarella cheese for pizza, made washer pendant bracelets, and homemade sidewalk chalk. We also enjoyed making freshly squeezed lemonade along with banana dipped in chocolate desserts. On Tuesday, we went to the Hope Academy and played water games with the residents. On Wednesday, we got to know each other better by having a game and movie day. Then on Thursday, we had a blast with our downtown Hendersonville scavenger Hunt; which was put together by one of our moms, Sandy W. We learned a lot about the history of our little town. We had a hotdog lunch at Hot Dog World & finished up with visits to the ECCO Aquarium & Mineral Museum on Main Street. During our last day on Friday, we made shoe packages for the Sole Hope ministry to send to needy children in Africa. Then we went to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education and tried our hand at archery and stream investigation that was followed by a tubing trip. Overall, we had an amazing week that ended a great first year of the Homesteaders’ Club. We look forward to another year coming up soon.

camp group

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, Reporter

Last last month, the Young Naturalists visited Pearson Falls. We studied and identified flowers and other plants. This month we volunteered at Mud Creek Baptist Church’s Hope Academy Special Olympics. We continue to prepare for the District Shoot in August.

Pearson Falls

Leaders In Training 4-H Club, Jesse Jakubielski, Reporter

LIT 4H club earns money by doing service projects. Then we have fun and use the money. Recently we had an ice cream social, went to a water park, and went camping. Coming up several of our club members will be in the West District 4-H Fashion Revue, going to the 4-H baseball game, Apple Festival, and preparing for the fair and Farm City Day. 

Andrew Jonah waterslide
Over the past couple of months, we have focused on our presentations. Almost all of us participated at the county level and many went on to district, where we did very well. We are planning a fun summer including camping, going to a baseball game and some water park fun. We are still collecting Christmas lights for our year round fundraising. We have collected several hundred pounds of lights and raised a couple hundred dollars. We are donating half the money raised to Catholic Charities. We are always on the look for service opportunities and will continue to meet on the third Tuesday of the month. We also have a new home for our club. We now meet at the Henderson County Parks and Recreation Building. Boy are we thankful to them for supporting our group.

Dana 4-H Club, Amber Hill, Club Reporter
Today we worked on the strawberry garden and picked
out weeds . We also had people sweeping up the leavespulling weeds2
as a service project for school.

pulling weeds

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, Reporter

This month we have continued to prepare for our WHEP competition on May 3. We also conducted rifle and archery practices to prepare for the district shoot on August 9. Some of us also helped out in the plant sale at Henderson’s produce.

Chip Rifle coach Byrd Chip Archery coach Bloemsmas

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter

On April 1st the 4H Hoofbeats had their meeting. In the meeting a couple of the members gave demo presentations and deepened our knowledge of horse bits. We had an assembly of eleven people and overall the meeting ran smoothly.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, Reporter
This month the young naturalists began conducting archery, rifle and shotgun practices. We are continuing to prepare for the WHEP competition in May.

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Abigail Coniguliaro, ReporterIIn January, the Homesteader’s 4-H Club learned a lot about presentations. Club members, Kathryn Worley and Abigail Coniguliaro shared their presentations from last year and gave the other members some tips on how to begin on their presentations. After that, Mrs. Denise Sherrill spoke to our club and helped explain the ins and outs of presentations.

In February, the Homesteader’s 4-H club had avery fun meeting. After our business meeting, all of our members divided into three groups. The first went with 4-H leader, Suzanne Coniguliaro into the kitchen to make homemade brownies for snack. The second group made survival bracelets with Anjie Grady and Sandy Worley. The third group made no-sew blankets with Amanda Boyd. Afterwards we enjoyed the brownies, which turned out great, and we played some great team building games led by Anjie Grady.

During the month of February our club also met to make goats milk soap. We had previously made some soap, but we decided that this time we wanted to make enough so that each family in our group would be able to take some home. We were able to make lavender oatmeal, orange and thyme ;and peppermint. We had a very fun time!

Leaders In Training 4-H Club, Jesse Jakubielski, Reporter
We’ve been collecting and recycling unwanted or broken Christmas lights. We raise money for Catholic Charities and will continue to collect them all year. We’ve also been active with some other volunteering. We worked Bounty of Bethlehem in December and helped out with Christmas tree recycling at Jackson Park. We went horse back riding where we also got to help with their grooming and care down in Marietta, South Carolina. Some of our group has been sewing and will participate in the Fashion Revue. We are going to Team Ecco soon. Hopefully the snow won’t cancel our plans again.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, ReporterThis month we started training for the WHEP (wildlife habitat eduction program) competition in May. We had several new family’s join the young naturalists 4-H club. We also went ice skating in Greenville SC. Several of us have been attending 3-D bow shoots.
ice skating

HoofBeats 4-H Club, Haley London, Reporter

We learned about bits, there purpose’s, how to use them and what they do to the horse’s mouth. There’s a large variety of bits and sizes. We learned that if you pull too hard on the horse’s mouth you can hurt the tongue, and that the comfortable level for the horse depends on the person using the bit. If you have 5 inches, from bit to reign, every 1 pound of pressure is 5 pounds of pressure on the horse’s mouth, so you don’t need to pull very hard. You don’t always need a bit either. You can also use a hackamore a bridle with no bit. Bits are used as small communication devices that tell your horse what you want him to do. We also learned about the types of metal the horse’s likes. One is copper, the other sweet iron and lots more. These bits taste good to the horse. There are a lot of bits to choose from between extreme bits, medium bit and easy bits. These categories depend on your horse and its mouth because all horses have different mouths.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The 4-H Hoofbeats held their January meeting on the 15th and discussed horse emergencies and how to deal with them. Overall the meeting ran ran smoothly and Ali quickly got the hang of being president.

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Abigail Coniguliaro, Reporter

October was a great month for our club. We met at Farm City Day and had a great time. We had an old apple press so that kids could see how apples are juiced. We also had Johnny Appleseed who told the kids his story and our Christmas tree presalegoing on. A few weeks later we met at Stepp’s Apple Orchard and had a complete farm tour. There we picked apples and the next week we had our general meeting where we learned how to make and can applesauce and all of the families were able to bring some jars home. All of our club officers attended officers training at Grace Lutheran.
At our general meeting Ryan and Kathryn Worley gave club talks. Ryan’s was on manta rays and Kathryn’s was on the uses of paracord. After that the Worley family taught the club how to make< paracord bracelets. Each child was able to make one for themselves.

The Homesteader’s 4-H club learned how to grind wheat and make bread from scratch. Anjie Grady allowed us the use of her grain mill and taught the club how to grind wheat into flour and make homemade bread. After that we had a Christmas party, made small candy cane gifts and then went caroling at Universal Health Care Nursing Home and gave out the gifts.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Hadley Melton, Reporter
The Heritage Front Porch Pickers met twice in December. On December 3rd, we got to try and diagnose a problem with a sheep’s eye. We decided it was probably a rolled in eyelid also known as entropion. There are surgical repairs and nonsurgical repairs. We decided to start with a nonsurgical option. At this same meeting, we made butter. You can make butter out of sheep milk but we used cow’s milk. The next meeting was on December 17th. It was our Christmas party and was held in the visitors center at Johnson Farm. We made felted Christmas trees. Then, we decorated cookies to be taken to the homeless shelter. Our meal was chili, soup, sides and dessert. After that, we had a present exchange.
group Christmas

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
The 4-H Hoofbeats had their December meeting on the 7th and voted for the club positions. This is how it turned out. President- Ali Lawter. Vice President- Dakota Smith. Secretary- Holly Obermiller. Treasurer- Danielle Kuykendall. Show Chairman- Zachary Kuykendall. Reporter- Haley London. Happy New Year!

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Shyanne Capps, ReporterA man at the meeting asked for volunteers to help with his lamas during the Christmas parade. The 4H volunteers went to his house and worked with them. LeigAann made all of them bags to hold the lamas treats. They did a great job in the Christmas parade.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, Reporter

This month, the Young Naturalists 4-H Club had a Christmas party. We had a lot of fun. Later in the month, we went to Charlotte, North Carolina, to volunteer at Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child processing and shipping warehouse. It was long day, but well worth it. We are all veery excited for the new year. Merry Christmas, God bless.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Hadley Melton, Reporter

We participated in Farm City Day at Jackson Park on Saturday, Oct. 5th. We elected officers on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. At that meeting, we also talked about how to use all parts of a sheep. We made beef jerky (not lamb) but discussed that would be one option in using the different parts of a sheep so as it not to go to waste. The Southeast Animal Fiber Fair was the weekend of Oct. 26 and 27th at the Ag Center. We showed sheep there. Officer training was Tuesday, Oct. 29th. Four of our club officers attended.

We met twice in November. At our Nov. 5th meeting, we learned how to finger weave with yarn. We discovered we could turn those into scarves, belts, key chains and head bands. We also talked about our club Christmas party. At the next meeting on Nov. 19th, several of our members had gone home and used what they learned to make different scarves with different yarns. At this meeting, we wrote on leaves stating what we were thankful for and hung them on a tree to stay at Johnson Farm until the next meeting. We also discussed the variations of wool and identified wool from the chin all the way to the sheep’s bottom putting it in order.

Andrew Edwards learns how to make beef jerky.

Andrew Edwards learns how to make beef jerky.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Matthew King, Reportera

Some of the Young Naturalists club members have been participating in a GIS class(Geographic Information Systems). We also conducted a business meeting in the mouth of October to elect officers.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuylendall, Reporter

The 4-H Hoofbeats held their November meeting on the 5th. At this meeting we learned about hoof diseases for horses and made it into a fun game and also planned the details for the fast approaching Christmas party! Have a great week!

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter

In September the Young Naturalists competed in the state shoot meet in Ellerbe, NC. Our Senior rifle team did very well. We placed 2nd. The team was: Matthew Batchelder, Gideon Worrell, Hannah Worrell, Tessa Epperson, and Logan Hedrick. The junior rifle team placed 1st. The team was: Tatum Epperson, Jonathon Hutchinson, Luke Maybin, and Connor Keith. Grace Batchelder placed 2nd as an individual in rifle. The junior archery team won 2nd in recurve. The team was: Alexander Hedrick, Bryson Capps, and Ian Capps. Matthew King won 3rd individual in archery.

AC DC 4-H Club, Austin Duncan, Reporter
In July we built a minature motor using a AA battery, copper wire and magnets. The wire spun around the battery when we turned it on.
In August and September we built a small working electical transformer. All the alligator clips on the transformer fried when we increased the voltage causing some smoke. Thankfully we meet at the fire department.
At the end of September our group did some community service by digging holes and planting bushes at the 4H camp.

Homesteaders 4-H Club, Abigail Coniguliaro, Secretary

The Homesteaders 4-H Club kicked off with a bang! We first met at the Apple Festival to sell raffle tickets where we raised over $200! The next Wednesday, we met in Jackson Park to paint targets for the apple sling competition at Farm City Day. We then held our first official meeting on Wednesday September 18th. At our meeting we played a few leadership and teamwork games. After that, we listened to the speeches from the kids that were running for an office. We then elected officers which are, President: Nicholas Coniguliaro Vice President: Dahlia Jacobs, Secretary: Abigail Coniguliaro, Treasurer: Hannah Grady, County Council Representatives: Katherine Grady and Kerry Boyd and Historian: Micah Dwyer. After that we all went outside and made homemade milkshakes. We met again on September 14th at the Mills River Community Center where Mrs. Anjie Grady taught us how to make goats milk soap. We made three different kinds. We also prepared a poster to have set up at our booth at Farm City Day. We are having so much fun with our new group!

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter
In August the Young Naturalists continued practicing for the state competition to be held in September. This month on August 10 our group competed at the regional shooting sport event held at the Polk County Gun Club. The senior rifle team won first. They were: Hannah and Gideon Worrell, Tessa Epperson, Logan Hedrick, and Matthew Batchelder. The junior team for rifle also won first. They were: Tatum Epperson, Luke Maybin, Connor Keith, Matthew King, and Jonathan Hutchinson. Tessa Epperson won fist in re-curve archery. The junior re-curve archery team won first as well. They were: Bryson and Ian Capps, and Alexander Hedrick. Matthew King won first in junior individual compound archery.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
At the 4-H Hoofbeats meeting on August 6, 2013 we discussed job positions and did some games and horsemanship. The whole group had fun and we look forwards to the next meeting!

Hawks 4-H Club Lindsey Bryant, Reporter
In July, we went hiking at the Arboretum in Bent Creek, and we had no meeting.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter
In June some of the kids in our group had the opportunity to help with the Hope Academy at Mud Creek Baptist Church. To begin the day they had a parade and we each had a handicapped kid to walk with. They brought in a policeman and he turned on the sirens and they loved that! Then we had game time. There were two sets of wheelchair races, one with electric wheelchairs and one with wheelchairs that had to be pushed. Then they had walking races for the older people. Part of our job was to be at the finish line to cheer them on as they finished! Then they had running races for the ones that could run and we also were at the finish line to cheer them on. All the participants were very friendly and very touchy. It was kinda out of our comfort zone though. After a while we got used to them hugging us or talking to us or shaking our hands. Our family walked away very encouraged to have been a part of such a wonderful thing! I hope we will have the opportunity to do this again next year!!!

Also, Old Towne Market did a yard-sale for our group and all of the proceeds went to our club. It was 500.00! Some of our families were able to help with the barbecue lunch and moving all the items. We would all like to thank Margaret Woods for her generosity!

Also we are still practicing shotgun, rifle, and archery preparing for the upcoming district and state shoots.

In July the Young Naturalists 4-H group went on a field trip to Orchard Lake Campground. We enjoyed swimming, boating, fishing, zip lining, the game room, and many other activities! We would like to thank Kirk Hall for letting our group come out for the day! Our group is also still practicing rifle, shotgun, and archery for the upcoming competitions.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Nicole Smith, Reporter
On Tuesday, we had a lady come to Mrs. Wendy’s farm and show us about fitting saddles on horses. We used one of the horses on Mrs. Wendy’s farm, and she showed us what to look for in case a saddle is uncomfortable for a horse. and she showed us what she does to fix it.

ACDC 4-H Club, Austin Duncan, Reporter
In March we copper-plated quarters by dissolving a copper plate in vinegar. Then we used electricity to transfer the copper in the solution to the quarters. In April, ACDC learned about binary numbers and disassembled a digital display. In May and June, ACDC repaired incubators and built speakers out of metal pie plates, wire & a magnet that we hooked up to a radio.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter

This May the Young Naturalists competed in the 2013 WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Education Program) competition in Johnston County, NC. The actual Competition was in Howell Woods. There were nine counties there overall. Henderson County’s Junior Team placed first! The junior team consisted of Luke Maybin, Tatum Epperson, Connor Keith, and Matthew King. Also Luke Maybin placed 2nd overall! Tessa Epperson Placed 1st in the senior division with her individual score. Tatum Epperson had the highest score overall out of 44 participants. Our club also still is practicing rifle, shotgun, and archery for the shooting competition in September.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter

The 4-H Hoofbeats had their June meeting on the fourth. At the meeting we discussed details for the September 4-H show and Ms. Wendy taught us a lot about saddles. The meeting ran well and we look forwards to the next one!

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter

For the May meeting the horse group did presentations. They all did a great job! The baking club made awesome delicious jello cookies. Tonight’s meeting was great!

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter
In April the Young Naturalists have been continuing to prepare for our state competition in WHEP. We also met and practiced in the following shooting sports: Shotgun, Archery, and Rifle.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lindsey Bryant, Reporter

This is the report for the Hawks 4-H club for the month of April.We did not have a meeting we participate in a 5K run benefiting Special Olympics.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter

In March our 4-H group continued our WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program). This month we had our first rifle practice at our range in Mills River. Also our group attended a survival training held in Pisgah Forest. We focused primarily on building fires and shelter.

Leaders-in-Training 4-H Club, Dana Jakubielski, Reporter

The last quarter of the 2012 year, we were very busy. We attended Farm City Day and sold pumpkins where we raised more than $300 for Manna Food Bank. We also worked in the community a few different ways. We decorated boxes for a Thanksgiving food pantry outreach, visited the nursing home at the VA Hospital in Asheville and worked at the Bounty of Bethlehem preparing food and decoration for Christmas dinner.

Many of our club sewed for the first several weeks of this year and are participating in the Fashion Revue in April. Many of us have been hard at work on our presentations for this year as well.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lindsey Bryant, Reporter

In March we did club talks. Jacob Bryant did his about birds of prey. Angelina Branche spoke about basketball. Christopher Branche talked about chess. Jaime Rogers did her talk about their ski trip. Hannah Rogers talked about her family’s trip to Ireland. Lindsey Bryant talked about the dress she sewed for the Fashion Revue in 2012.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter

This month our club helped clean up after 4-H Achievement Night. Several members of our group were county winners with their project records. Our club also started practicing WHEP, the Wildlife Habitat Education Program. This is a wildlife competition that will be held in May.

Dana Wildcats 4-H Club, Mackenzie Elliott, Reporter

For our December meeting we made Christmas cards and visited an Assisted Living Center. For our January meeting we are learning about first aid. Also Wal-mart was so kind they gave us a grant for first aid kits we are using. We had a special speaker from Henderson County Dispatch Office, Mrs.Jones.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lindsey Bryant, Reporter

In February we went to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. Two of the employees showed us how to use a compound bow.They put us in four teams and we got to shoot at targets that looked like animals.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Tessa Epperson, Reporter

This month the Young Naturalists enjoyed a skiing trip to Beach Mountain. That is one of our favorite field trips of the year. Then on January 11 we had a new members meeting. We are excited to have two new families to join our club this year.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lindsey Bryant, Reporter

In January, the club went to the to the flat rock village bakery were one of the owners gave us a tour and let us see where they do there baking.We also got to try some their whet bred made from their special sourdough starer.During the business meeting,club officers were elected for vice president,reporter,and county council representative.Jacob Bryant was elected as vice president and Lindsey Bryant was elected reporter.Lindsey was also elected as county council representative for the group.we also talked about project records.Mrs.Branch brought examples of some that were done over the years.

Run-Abouts 4-H Club, Lee Gover, Reporter, and Briana Gover, 4-H Alumna

October 2, 2012 – Met at Extension Office and prepared 14 pumpkin face centerpices to be used in the dining rooms at Carolina Village Medical Center.

November 6, 2012 – Counted the Kids Voting ballots from Henderson County polls. Made pilgrim hat crayon holders for the children at Mainstay. (Mainstay is committed to helping victims of domestic violence in Henderson County acquire the information and skills necessary to take control over the decisions affecting their lives.)

December 4, 2012 – Decorated popcorn bags and made candy bags for Elizabeth House, a home for Hospice patients.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
We had our first meeting of the year on January 7, 2013, from 6:30 to 8:00, and we worked on horse art. We went into the details of shading, horse expressions, and many other details. We had a turnout of eight people. We all look forward to the next meeting and Happy New Year!

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter
The December general meeting of the barnyard bandits was held at the Tracey Grove Community Building. The meeting was called to order by President Carson Mathes. We had a Christmas Party. We held elections for the Miss Jean nominee for our club. We packed Manna Food Bank bags, and our program was about llamas.

AC-DC 4-H Club, Austin Duncan, Reporter

In November, AC/DC watched two films about Ohm’s law and batteries. We ordered some cool looking t-shirts with Edison and Tesla on the back. Members filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We also started planning for an Avenger’s Movie Marathon on New Years Eve. For December’s meeting, we invited the Fletcher Fire Dept. Capt. Bill to talk about safety when dealing with electricity during a fire. Lastly, we observed a Kelvin Water Drop Generator.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Nicole Smith and Danielle Kuykendall, Reporter
In December we had our Christmas party, and elected the new officers, and here is who they are- the new president is Anna Allmond, Ali Lawter is the vice president, Rachel Putnam is the treasurer, Victoria Muniz is the secretary, and Danielle Kuykendall (and I) are the new reporters. We have two reporters because we are looking forwards to starting a 4-H Hoofbeats Newsletter. We had food and games and our usual gift exchange. Overall the whole party went well and was fun and we look forward to the next meeting.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter

Today’s meeting we didn’t have any animals because we had business to attend to. During the meeting we decided to help Cheyenne McCall raise money for a scholarship leadership camp. Emily Capps (one of the reporters) got the first issue of “The Trough” out. She did a great job. We also found out that there is going to be a breakfast bake –off contest. Baking club made a pumpkin roll that was delicious . We had a great time.

AC-DC 4-H Club, Austin Duncan, Reporter
The AC-DC club invited students to build Ecobots to clean up a pretend oil spill at the 4-H office. An Ecobot was made up of a toothbrush head, little motor and a button battery. We built containment barriers with limited supplies. Then we timed our Ecobot’s clean-up ability. We also listened to a presentation about toxic spills. At our regular meeting, we held elections and planned for future meetings.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter
At our October General Meeting we had a potluck dinner. All the 4-H’ers that participated in the WNC Mtn. State Fair and Haywood Co. Fair were recognized and they brought their ribbons. Officer elections were also held. The new officers for the Barnyard Bandits are:

President: Carson Mathes
Vice President: Ian Capps
Secretary: Cheyenne McCall
Treasurer: Abigail Coniguliaro
County Council: Lauren Maybin & Chloe Mathes
Reporters: Emily Capps, Hannah Herman, & Celia Gibbs

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Savannah Tankersley, Reporter
Over this past week or so the Heritage Front Porch Pickers went to Farm City Day. We demonstrated all that we know. This past 4-H meeting we discussed how to pick out a good ram or wether for breeding and showing.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter
In October the Hoofbeats 4-H club discussed the upcoming horse show. We also practiced a game on one of Mrs.Wendy,s horses, Maxine.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Savannah Tankersley, Reporter
This is what we have been doing.

April 10
We learned how it weave yarn and parts of hair and wool.
April 28
We again weaved yarn. We also planed for Day at the Farm.
May 5
We went to Tractor Supply and showed everyone who came our sheep and answered their questions.
May 8
We played sheep bingo and worked in our 4 -H scrapbook.
May 22
We talked about the Mountain State Fair and when entries are due.
June 5
We carded wool for Heritage Weavers Camp and we worked on our club flag.
June 19
We worked on our club flag.
July 17
We went swimming in my grandmother’s swimming hole and had a family picnic.
July 31
We picked the animals to go on our flag and we talked about a disease called bottle jaw.
August 10
Went to a mill that makes wool into yarn. We got to walk around and get up close to the machines and see and talk about what they do.
August 14
We talked about when fair entries are due and what to enter in the fair. We also made yarn chandeliers as a craft.
August 16
We went to my grandmother’s swimming hole and had another picnic.
August 28
We practiced showing sheep and we wormed Jack and Jill… Jack and Jill are the sheep who live at Johnson Farm.
September 3 and 4
We took fair entries to the Mountain State Fair.
September 11
We reviewed fair prep and went over questions the judge may ask and the answers we should give.
September 14
We got the sheep to the fair and let the vets check the sheep out.
September 15 and 16
We showed sheep at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.
September 25
We tattooed rabbits and we planned for Farm City Day.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Submitted by Zachary Kuykendall
In September the Hoofbeats 4-H club thought up ideas for posters for Farm City Day. We also studied horse careers.

Run-Abouts 4-H Club, Submitted by Briana and Lee Gover

May 1, 2012- Our club met and enjoyed food that you might find at Cinco de Mayo. This consisted of a large pot of chicken soup dish and rice milk. Thank you to Daniel and Kim for planning this. The club members made corsages for the ladies at Carolina Village.

June 5, 2012- A downtown food scavenger hunt was planned.

July 3, 2012- We met at Jackson Park and had a family pot lunch picnic.

August 7, 2012- We met for dinner at Crystal’s BBQ and then toured the restaurant and learned how she cooked Boston Butt Roast for pork BBQ. We also learned about the rules that she is required to follow when preparing food.

September 4, 2012- Met at Extension Office and prepared dishes with apples including chicken salad, McIntosh sandwiches, red cinnamon apples and apple sundaes.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter

The Hoofbeats 4-H club is having a fun show October 27 at 1 p.m. It will be held at the Etowah riding club. There will be prizes and the events will be: 1. walk trot equitation, 2. water glass race, 3. lipstick race, 4. pairs class, 5. egg & spoon, 6. tack up race, 7. delivery race, 8. throwing game, 9. flag race, 10. apple bobbing.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter

In August we did paper mache. Each kid chose an animal made out of chicken wire. We have Laura to thank for the forms. Everyone got to pick an animal and applied the newspapers and paste to the wire formed animal. The animals looked amazing. The cow group presented some posters they made about the breed of their choice. They did a great job. The baking club made some delicious blackberry cobbler. The meeting was a great experience for all the 4-Hers.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter

This month the Hoofbeats 4-H club planned and tested activities for our fun show.We also decided which activities to do at the fun show.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter

This month’s meeting was held on July 3 at the Tracey Grove Community Building. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Carson Mathes. Snack was cookies and ice cream provided by Beverly. Gabrianne Ivey from Macon County came to our meeting and did a presentation on dog training! She had lots of props, even stuffed dogs. Her presentation was great! Thanks Gabrianne.

AC DC 4-H Club, Michael Williams, Reporter
During the May meeting of the AC/DC 4-H Club, we wired “push button” switches and relays so as to make circuits that would, when one button was pressed, turn on and remain on until the other was pressed. This modeled many control circuits seen in production situations. We also attempted to create a circuit that would use the two buttons to reverse the direction of a DC motor.

During our following meeting in June, we disassembled some of the components that are frequently used in industrial or home situations to better see how they function. These included switches, relays, circuit breakers, and motor starters.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuyendall, Reporter
In July the Hoofbeats 4-h club made jumps and got to have a horse jump them. We also had to cancel the August horse show, but we are doing a fun show instead.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter
In June two officers from Henderson County and one from Polk County came and brought one of their dogs. It was a Hungarian Malinois named Cain. Cain sniffed out 2 grams of marijuana in the air vent. Then we went outside and the officer from Polk County was wearing a special suit called a bite suit. When Cain saw him run away he ran after him and bit him, because of the suit the guy didn’t feel a thing. Cain is his owner’s back-up. When the man in the suit bumped the officer Cain would attack him and bite him in the arm. The officers told us about all the training that they have to do. After the demonstration, we went inside and had our business meeting and had ice cream. It was really fun watching Cain at the meeting, and I am sure that everyone had fun too.

Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H Club, Abigail Coniguliaro, Reporter
In May, the Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H club met twice. We discussed project records and are continuing to work on them. We learned how to service and oil our sewing machines and also discussed projects we would like to work on over the summer. We will not be meeting much over the summer seeing that one of our leaders will be out of town.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter
In June the Hoofbeats 4-h club planned for the August horse show. We also practiced our presentations. There were lots of good snacks like pizza and cheese balls.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter
This month the Hoofbeats 4-H club practiced natural horsemanship over jumps. Also one of the horses had trouble swallowing her food,so Ms.Wendy had to call the vet fortunately she was okay.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter
In May two horses came to the meeting. I would have to say, those were some beautiful horses. Allison Batson came and gave us educational facts about horses. I personally had no clue when she asked us all those questions, but afterwards, I think some of the 4Hers became horse experts. The different project groups came up and shared what they did at their last meeting, it sure seems like they are learning a lot. The baking club made lip smacking smores. The smores were ooie gooie heaven. The meeting was really fun and educational. Everybody loved it.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club Emily Capps, Reporter

On Tuesday, April 24, NC Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler came to talk to the Barnyard Bandits at Animals R Us Veterinary clinic. The Times News was there, and the visit was featured on the front page the next day. We presented him with a Barnyard Bandits T-shirt. After given a tour of our animals present at the clinic, he talked to us and took questions. Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits were served, made by our Cooking Club. Special thanks to Flat Rock Village Bakery for letting us use their facilities once again.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter

Our April Meeting was on April 3, at the Tracey Grove Community Building. Clarence Raines, our President, was absent, so Carson Mathes, Vice President, called the meeting to order. Snack was Sour Cream Pound Cake Cupcakes made by our Cooking Club. Special thanks to Flat Rock Village Bakery for so graciously letting us use their facilities for the cupcakes. In old business, a uniform for special occasions for our club was voted on. Some of the choices were vests, a hat that sort of resembles a sailor hat, a sash, and a ball cap with our 4-H T-shirts. Everyone voted and the ball cap and t-shirt idea won. Then our 4-H leader, Beverly Hargus, led us all into an age divided egg hunt. After that, we split up into two teams and played some games. One team was Carson’s Cows, lead by Carson Mathes, the others, Brian’s Chickens, led by Brian McCall. There was egg races, three legged races, tug of war, and a favorite, the water balloon toss which turned into a water balloon fight, everyone’s target being Beverly. At the end, both teams were tied, so Beverly did a tie breaker. After the tie breaker, it was decided that Carson’s Cows won. When we all came back into the meeting room, there was a surprise for Beverly. The following Sunday was her birthday and everyone had brought her cards and gifts. A Sour Cream Pound Cake Cupcake was lit up with a birthday candle.

Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H Club, Abigail Coniguliaro, Reporter

In March, The Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H Club had three meetings so that all our members could finish their garments. We wrote and shared our 4-H stories and are working on our project records.

In April, The Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H Club members finished all of their garments and are ready for the 4-H Fashion Revue. Some of our members have started on other projects. The 4-H Fashion Revue and Talent Show will be held at Grace Lutheran Church on Friday the 27th at 7:00 p.m.

Run-Abouts 4-H Club, Submitted by Briana and Lee Gover

On January 10, 2012 we met to prepare a traditional New Year’s Meal. This consisted of Hoppin’ John, Sauteed Spinach and Cornbread. We discussed how each of these menu items became a tradition and why we eat them on New Year’s Day now.

On February 6, 2012 the Run-Abouts met to prepare a Valentine’s Day Meal. We made club sandwiches, pasta salad and chocolate mousse. We were trying to make chocolate cups for mousse. Everything went well except for our balloon chocolate cups. The balloons kept bursting because they were not strong enough.

For our March 6, 2012 meeting we had a traditional St. Patrick’s Day Meal. We had a spin on this by making Corn Beef and Cabbage Shepherd’s Pie. We also made the best dessert ever, Blarney Stone Bars. Boy did we love those.

For our April 3rd meeting we each brought our favorite Easter side dish to go with ham. We also had a matching game for identifying utensils we use in cooking. The club discussed our next meeting idea and where we would like to go on a tour.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Savannah Tankersley, Reporter

Recently, on April 10 the front porch pickers have been talking about sheep. We have been talking about the scientific aspect of wool and our craft is that we weave a pot holder that can be felted into whatever you want and mrs.ruth taught us that and she is making a scarf out of each square that she does.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter

This month the Hoofbeats 4-H club did a horse themed Easter egg hunt. For every egg a person got they would get to answer a horse question. The top 3 people each got a prize. Unfortunately we only found 175 out of 179 eggs ( they were found with the bush hog later ).

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Savannah Tankersley, Reporter

We, the Heritage Front Porch Pickers, have been having a great time! Every other week we talk about sheep or rabbits. It might be parts of the body or how to take care of that particular animal.We also do a craft! Lately we have been working on carding wool and what tools you use and how that is exactly done. We have been also be talking about what we are going to do on farm day ( April 28 at Johnson farm). I bet you all ready know about that! So far we have a pretty good list of what we’ve done:

January 31 – talked about sheep thiamin deficiency

Febuary 14 – sheep sicknesses presentation and made nametags

Febuary 28 – healthy sheep, needle felting

March 13 – rabbit body parts, walked and familiarized new people with sheep, placed stella’s stepping stone

March 27 – rabbit care, carding wool

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Micah Batchelder, Reporter

In January, the Young Naturalists voted in our 2012 Club Officers. We also discussed activities and service opportunities that we would like to do this year. In February, we voted to attend the County Commissioner’s meeting in July. We also met the new members of our club and started WHEP and Forestry training. Mr. Chip started working with us on our target shooting sports. This month we continued meeting weekly for Forestry, WHEP, and target sports.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter

The March General Meeting of the Barnyard Bandits was on Tuesday, March 5, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was held at the Tracey Grove Community building. Snack was Chocolate Whoopie Pies and water. The Whoopie Pies were baked by the Barnyard Bandits Cooking Club. Special thanks to Flat Rock Village Bakery for letting us use their commercial kitchen. The Cooking Club’s spokespeople for this month were Cheyenne McCall, Haley Hargus, Abigail Coniguliaro, Isabelle Workman, and Iris Workman. Ideas for a club uniform were discussed, and will be voted on next month, with children modeling their ideas. Our speaker this month was Wells Shealy owner of Three Arrows Cattle Company. The biggest surprise of all came when one of our leaders, Dr. Beverly Hargus, brought in a 2 week old Black Angus calf named Minnie May. Her owners are Haley Hargus and Emily Capps, and they gave an presentation on her. Separate meetings are starting to be held for animals to show in the WNC Mountain State Fair, so look out for reports from those meetings on later reports. This was a great meeting. I wonder what our April meeting has in store…..

AC DC 4-H Club, Michael Williams, Reporter

On March 10, 2012, AC/DC’s third meeting of 2012, we constructed and tested a simple DC electric motor. We experimented with them to determine how a higher voltage or larger coil affected the motor’s performance. We also disassembled a household smoke detector and learned how it uses a radioactive source and a sensor to smoke particles in the air.

To complete our Manna Food Bank service project, we collected a bag of food from each member. Each bag contained the materials to provide one or more meals and a dessert for a family in need.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter

In February the Hoofbeats 4-H club did a mock horse bowl.Most of our members attended 4-H Achievment Night. Also we might have a few people going to horse bowl.

In March the 4-H Hoofbeats club did natural horsemanship. We had lots of snacks and drinks and we talked about the August horse show. No one in our group was able to make it to the Horse Bowl.

Sew and Sews 4-H Club – Abigail Coniguliaro, Reporter

In January, The Sew and Sews 4-H Club made a coat for the homeless as our service project . We also worked on our garments for the 4-H Fashion Revue. We discussed achievement night on Thursday, February 9, 7:00 p.m. Grace Lutheran Church.

In February, Sew ‘n’ Sews 4-H club continued working on their garments for the 4-H fashion revue. Two of our members finished their garments. Our club now has a flag as well.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Hannah Herman, Reporter

We didn’t study an animal in February because we were making sure everybody knew when to meet for project groups. The baking club came up and shared how they made the delightful cookies. Laura turned 22 this month, ha ha. We have $6,621.10. We also had a canned food drive.

AC DC 4-H Club, Michael Williams, Reporter

On February 4, 2012 the Henderson County 4-H Electric Club held its second meeting of 2012. During the business portion of our meeting, we voted on a service project for Manna Food Bank and making Valentine’s Day thank you cards for soldiers. We also chose AC DC as our official name.

During our electric activity, we discussed magnetism and direct current motors. We made an electromagnet and experimented with the material around which the wire is wrapped. At the end, we learned how direct current motors work and inspected one that was made by a member of our club. We look forward to constructing a simple one at our next meeting.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club, Emily Capps, Reporter

At our January meeting, we had a lot of fun. Snack was fudge brownies made by the Barnyard Bandits Baking Club. Special thanks to Flat Rock Village Bakery for letting us use their kitchen. The warm brownies were served with vanilla ice cream and bottled water. Emily Capps, Cheyenne McCall, Nicholas Coniguliaro, and Sara Beth Freeman were the Baking Club’s spokespeople this meeting. They relayed the process that was used to make the brownies. In other business, a vote was taken to change the meetings from the second Tuesday of every month, to the first. Sign ups were held for animals to show in the WNC Mountain State Fair. Our special guest speaker was Dr. Ross Prezant, a staff veterinarian at the WNC Nature Center. He spoke about how to care for and the habits of rabbits. There were several rabbits present at the meeting for visual aid. Special thanks to Logan Corn and the Maybin family for lending the rabbits. When asked what she thought of our meeting, Barnyard Bandit 4-H’er Hannah Herman responded, “I thought it was very educational, and good for those of us who will be showing rabbits this year.” I could tell she also enjoyed the visual aid, as she held a small rabbit while speaking to me. This was a great meeting, and I can hardly wait to see what our February meeting holds.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club, Zachary Kuykendall, Reporter

The Hoofbeats 4-H Club did many fun things at our meeting including naming horse parts and planning a fund raiser horse show.

Henderson County 4-H Electric Club, Michael Williams, Reporter

On January 7, the Henderson County 4-H Electric Club held its first meeting of 2012. During the business portion of our meeting, we elected officers who will serve for the next six months. These are as follows: President – Andrew Torres; Vice President – Corban Haire; Secretary – Kyle McClure; Reporter – Michael Williams; County Council Representative – Micah Haack.

During the electric portion, we discussed more thoroughly Ohm’s Law. We talked about the relationship between resistance, voltage, and current and learned about resistors. We then learned how to read the color codes of resistors and used this to determine the properties of assorted resistors. Finally, we learned about the results of placing resistors in parallel and series. To test our calculations and practice soldering skills, we soldered two resistors together in series and then parallel and tested the total resistance with a multimeter.

Sew and Sews 4-H Club – Abigail Coniguliaro, Reporter

In December the Sew and Sews voted on a service project to sew a coat and scarves for the homeless. We also worked on our garment projects for the 4-H fashion revue and went over commonly used sewing terms. The officers for our group are President: Paulina Ray-Zorick, Vice President: Anna Tuttle, Secretary: Lara Wingard and Reporter: Abigail Coniguliaro.

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – Haley Hargus, Reporter

On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, the Barnyard Bandits met at Tracy Grove Community Center. We had our election of officers for the 2012 year. The following positions were filled:
President: Clarence Raines
Vice-Presidents: Carson Mathes and Larnce Maybin
Treasurer: Nicolas Coniguliaro
Secretary: Kelsey Pierce
Reporters: Emily Capps, Hannah Herman, and Colton Laughter
County Council Representatives: Lauren Maybin and Chloe Mathes

The baking group led by Suzanne and Dave made home-made cupcakes with Christmas decorations and they served hot chocolate. The best cupcakes ever made in my book. As for club business someone is pricing the roof for the Tracy Grove Community Center. Also in January the members of our club will be deciding which animals they want to show at the fair. We ended our first year of the Barnyard Bandits and we are all looking forward to the upcoming year with our new officers. Sincerely, Haley Hargus

Mountain View 4-H Club – Lindsey Bryant, Reporter

The Mountain View kids, Dakota, Koleman, and Kade Fritz, Jacob and Lindsey Bryant, and Jared Johnson, went to Forest Lawn Cemetery to put flags on the graves of veterans. Around a 1000 flags were put out. Then they had a speaker. Ms. Veronica Ross was supposed to be there, but she could not make it. So her father, retired CMSGT Mark Ross, gave the speech. Then they had the folding of the flag. Then they had the presenting of the wreaths,it was touching. I was glad to be apart of it!

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – Haley Hargus, Reporter

On Saturday November 5, the Barnyard Bandits held a fundraiser for the Tracy Grove Community Center. The center has a leaky roof and when attempted to repair it was discovered the shingles were falling apart. Since Tracy Grove has been so willing to let our 4H group use their facility we wanted to give back to our community. We decided to have a roof raising fundraiser. We offered a good country breakfast including pork tenderloin, bacon, sausage, homemade pancakes, grits, biscuits, sausage gravy, and honeybun dessert. All of our food and supplies were donated. So many parents and children showed up to work it was like bees buzzing everywhere. We started serving food and 7 a.m. and by closing at 11 a.m. we had cooked 43 dozen eggs, 200 pork tenderloins, about 20 pounds of sausage and almost 200 biscuits. The food was great. The cake auction was also a surprise we had about 50 cakes donated to auction off. We especially want to thank the community for donating the abundant supply of cakes. One cake sold for $900. Wow ! Needless to say our fundraiser was a success. With all donations we raised about $4,515 for the new roof. Our club is now searching out how to replace the roof and who knows we may even have moneys leftover for a nice new sign. Anyway on behalf of the Barnyard Bandits we would like to thank our community, friends, family, other community centers, extension office, etc for all donations and all support given.

Etowah Valley Eagles 4-H Club – Kayla Street, Reporter

Our July meetings were combined with a fieldtrip to the Spinning Spider Creamery. This is a family owned business located in Marshall, N.C.
Mrs. Chris showed us the cheese room and explained how they process their milk to make the cheeses. Our next stop was to peek into the ripening room, there we saw ashed cheese and moldy cheese. The Spinning Spider Creamery makes several cheeses. They have a cheese that is two years old. This cheese is called the “Bailey Mountain Tomme” cheese. Mrs.Chris said this two year old cheese has a fruity taste. In the cheese house we also learned that the more mature does can be expected to produce a gallon or more of milk each day over the course of a 9 – 10 month lactation. Many of there does have their stars on one day milk tests and several are permanent grand champions.
After our tour of the cheese house we went to the main barn where the does and kids are housed. Mrs. Chris showed us their goats. Their herd consists of ADGA registered Saanen (mostly), and a few French Alpine and American Alpine dairy goats. Every doe and kid has a name and a uniquely recognized personality. Mrs. Chris let us pet the kids as she told us a little about the feeding and care of the goats. The Saanens are their favorite breed of goat because they are smart and easy to work with. (The bucks, male goats, are housed in a different barn and pasture.)
We also got to hold the goats by their neck chain as Mrs. Chris and one of her sons gave us a mini course in showing goats in the show ring and presenting them to the judges. We really enjoyed our afternoon with Mrs. Chris, her son and her herd!
Our club also signed up for the Livestock Showmanship Clinic that is being held at the WNC Agriculture Center in August.

Wildcats 4-H Club – Paige – Reporter

The Wildcats are studying horses. In April we did club reports on our favorite types of horses. Each person gave a small presentation and report on a type of horse. We also studied markings and played horse bingo. In May we met and learned anatomy and terms, as well as facial and leg markings. At our next meeting we will go over tack and equipment and plan a field trip to put our knowledge in action. At our May meeting we also played indoor games since it was raining.

Mountain View 4-H Club- Lindsey – Reporter
Our April meeting continued with our culinary experiences. Brennon Garner’s Aunt Patty came and gave us a demonstration and taste testing of Cuban cooking. We participated in cooking and then tasted black beans and rice with fried plantains. Thanks to both for their time and efforts.

Mountain View 4-H Club, Lindsey, reporter
Mr.Steve, the owner of Hot Dog World, came and talked to us about Greek food. He gave us a sample of baklava. At our regular meeting, Jared cooked a Japanese food. It had chicken and noodles and vegetables. He cooked it in a wok. Then we signed and sent a card to Mr Steve at Hot Dog World.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club, Alex, reporter
The Young Naturalists went skiing, attended 4H achievement night, are preparing for the Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program competition, have started shooting sports, and went to a commissioners’ meeting over the past couple of months.

Wildcats 4-H Club,Paige, Reporter,
In March the Wildcats are studying animals. On March 10th, we had two new families visit and we had a total of 11 club talks about animals all over the world. Each member and visitor was asked to pick their favorite animal, bring a picture, and some facts about that animal. We had everything from donkeys, cows, cheetahs, flamingoes, to lions, wolves, and gila monsters. On March 24th we will talk about horses from around the world and play games and do an art project involving horses. Our next venture will be music and instruments from around the world, for spring and summer.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lauren. Historian/Reporter
Monday, March 14, 2011 – Today our club discussed our agenda for the rest of the year. After discussing it we voted. The moms helped with the agenda. Mrs. Hart served snack.

Early College Kids 4-H Club, Andrew, Reporter
The early college kids had an interesting game today where the president presented the members with different items of food to put in a trail mix that we made. The members would have to make a motion to add something into the trail mix and then someone would have too second the motion then we would cast a vote. Depending on results we did or did not put that item in the trail mix.

Mountain View 4-H Club, Lindsey, Reporter
February – our meeting was a field trip to Mills River restaurant. We were there to study Greek cooking. The owners are from Greece. We asked questions about different ways to cook. Then we had a sample of different Greek items off of their menu . We were joined by 2 new families.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers, Lena, Reporter
Feb.15 we first made name tags. Then Miss Paula spread these things on the table. They were names of things for rabbits since it was a rabbit day. They were names like lop, pen, and things like that. We were to pick one up that we knew what it meant or what it was and tell the rest of the group. After that we did some wool felting but we never were able to finish it. We’ll finish it next week. Oh, and we had our snack, Pecan Honey Cookies, Chex Mix, raisins, and sippy juice (I brought it). We also did our pledges. Bye for now.

LIT 4-H Club, Evan, Reporter
The LIT club attended achievement night, receiving awards for project records, as well as recognition for presentations and service projects. Our club has combined with another smaller club, and we have rescheduled our meetings to 3:oopm at the extension enter. We are currently deciding on what our topics will be for this year.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club – Lena, Reporter
Christmas dinner and fun December 21:
We decorated cookies and made snowflakes. For dinner we had vegetable soup and beans with cornbread. For dessert we had cake and cookies. The leftover cookies that we had decorated were sent to a rescue mission. We were to bring something for the pound, not food but toys and stuff.

Early College Kids 4-H Club – Andrew, Reporter
The Early College Kids have been continuing reading and recording stories for the children. Books like “Fox in Socks” and “Mike Mulligin and the steam shovel” are popular reads.

The Early College Kids have recently been recording children’s stories and making games for children at the Mission Hospital. Stories like “Green Eggs and Ham”, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, and other classic Dr. Suess stories.

The early college kids worked some more on recording childrens books for the Mission Hospital, we also worked on making Valentines cards.

Wildcats 4-H Club 2010 Activities

January – Studied horses, visited a horse therapy program, built a fence together, made games and played them to learn about types of horses, coloring, anatomy, and more. We attended MLK work day at Grace Lutheran Church.

February – Attended Achievement night, toured Banks Mountain farm, learned about horse grooming, horse tack, using body language to communicate to a horse, using horses as manual workers on a farm, continues with games like Horse Bingo and Horseopoly to learn more about horses.

March – Played horse games, made horse treats, gave club talks on horses

April – Visited a horse veterinarian to learn about the care and cost of having a horse. Visited FENCE to watch horse events first hand.

May – We studied hiking safety at Holmes State Forest, went on a hike there. We gave club talks on nature related topics like bugs, moths, butterflies, and plants. We participated in the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive. Made Cards for nursing home for Grandparent’s Day.

June– We continued learning about nature and hiking safety. We also hiked to Hooker Falls for a fun day of swimming. We attended and cleaned up after County Activity Day. Some members attended District Activity Day.

July– We met and visited the Botanical Gardens and went back to Hooker Falls.

August – We had the Stinnett Family visit and learned about Bees and beekeeping.

September – We visited the Agricultural research station and learned about pumpkin research. We also got to taste the apples and learn about other things they do there.

October– We visited Kilwin’s of Hendersonville, and learned about chocolate, where it comes from, how it is processed and used. We make marshmallow treats dipped in chocolate and we helped make fudge. We also learned about chocolate and cheeses.

November – Attended 4-H Bake off and hosted a craft table. We also cleaned up afterwards. We did club talks on our favorite cheese or chocolate and tasted a large variety of cheeses and chocolates as we learned all about them and where they came from.

December– We had a Christmas party and made Gingerbread houses. We got club gifts for achievement and awards.

Mountain View 4-H Club – Lindsey, Reporter

Mountain View 4-H Club had our planning meeting for this upcoming year. We voted on club officers and decided, for each meeting, to learn how to cook in a different style/method from a different country/heritage. We did an exercise on cooking terms and conversion measurements.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club – Lena, Reporter

December 7 we, Heritage Front Porch Pickers, played a game. We had two boards that had velcro on them. One had a rabbit picture and one had a sheep picture. The velcro on the other side had the names of the body parts of the animal. After that we did a craft, Christmas oranaments. Oh, and we had apple cider and home-made peanut butter and chocolate-chip cookies.

Hoofbeats 4-H Club – Rachel, Reporter

During our December meeting the Hoofbeats had a Christmas party. We played pin-the-tail on the horse and musical stalls. We had lots of good snacks. We exchanged horse books as well. It was our first meeting after electing new officers. Also our new president, Ruby, led the pledge at the County Commissioners Meeting. We voted that the December meeting was the best meeting we have had!

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club – Lena, Reporter

November 4 our club met and gave rabbit and sheep reports. I did a report on the Holland Lop and my sister, Stella, did one on the Jersey Woolly. We started an ornament for the Christmas tree. We also said our pledge.
November18 a man named Steve Duckett came and told us how to keep weeds out of goat and sheep pastures. We said our pledge and then we did what Mr. Duckett had told us to do. We over-seeded one of the Johnson Farm feilds.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lauren, Reporter

On October 11, 2010 our 4-H group worked in committees on several projects. One of them was making flowers for Naomi McIlvaine. We also planned our 2011 calendar.

On October 25, 2010 our club gave persuasive speeches. Mrs. Hart facilitated the lesson.

On November 22, 2010 the Hawks presented speeches and voted on what we will do for our Christmas party in December.

Edneyville Explorers 4-H Club, Kristin and Matthew, Reporters

August 1st -first meeting. learned about dog safety.
September -pumpkin science
October -homemade applesauce.
Elected officers:
Vice President – Miranda
Secretary- A.J.
Club Reporter- Kristin and Matthew
County Council Officers -Katie and Miranda
November – pumpkin pudding-decorate community center for Christmas + plan our Christmas party.
December – Christmas party + gift exchange.
January-invite H2O group…

Run-Abouts 4-H Club, Briana, Reporter

At the November meeting, we had several different activities. As the members came in they helped to count the Kid’s Voting ballets. When we were finished with counting we colored place mats for Main Stay. We also painted picture frames for Christmas and made Ornaments for the tree at the Extension Office.

In our October meeting we did a mini livestock skillathon. Two of our
youngest members gave a club talk on how to make chicarones.

Mountain View 4-H Club, Michael, Reporter

In September, we concluded our study of art. Mr. Brent Brown, a commercial artist who draws for “Mountain Express,” taught us about caricatures and cartooning. He drew a caricature of the club and guided us through the technique. We decided to draw free caricatures for Farm City Day.

In October, we made a collage for Naomi, packed shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, a program through Samaritan’s Purse that sends shoe boxes of gifts such as: hygiene items, clothes, and toys to third-world countries each Christmas.

Heritage Front Porch Pickers 4-H Club, Lena, Reporter

Tuesday, October 26, our 4-H animal fiber club met. We chose our club’s name and then we chose officers. Afterward we did a stick weaving craft. The officer’s names are:
President – Savannah
Vice-President – Rheannen
Secretray – Alaina
Reporter – Lena
Representative – Rheannen
Etowah Valley Eagles 4-H Club, Olivia, Reporter
First meeting was Oct-6-2010 at Etowah Lions Club in Etowah, NC from 4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. Denise Sherrill brought apples and we made applesauce. And we did a science experiment. We finally voted on a name for our group,”Etowah Valley Eagles, and we worked on our pledges. And we elcted officers Nicole Brown – President, Cassie Musser Vice – President, Nicole Brown – secretary, OLivia Hoxit – Reporter. We all agreed to work with the goats for now. We talked about our county council meeting Oct – 26th, and what it was, and who would attend. We decided Josh Brown, Nicole Brown, and Cassie Musser would be attending. We had a snack, and cleaned up afterwards. Our next meeting will be Oct – 20th – 2010.

Hawks 4-H Club, Lauren, Reporter

On September 27, 2010 each person in our 4-H group had to recite a poem. We had to use the 3-second rule, inflection, and hand motions that went with our poems. Mrs. Hart facilitated the lesson.

RunAbouts 4-H Club, Briana, Reporter

In September our club made a fleece blanket. We learned how to make balloon hats for Farm City Day.

Mountain View 4-H Club, Michael, Reporter

In July, Kyle and Michael went to Electric Congress at UNC Wilmington. At Electric Congress, we went to the career fair which included booths from Progress Energy, Duke Energy, a hybrid car, and a lineman. At the Progress Energy table, we learned about windmills and solar power.

The next day, we attended 2 electric projects: a solar car and an “attitude selector”. The solar car had a battery and a solar cell to help demonstrate how a hybrid works. The “attitude selector” uses a variable resistor to change the probability of choosing happy or sad. For fun, we went to the beach at Fort Fisher. That night, we went on a dinner cruise.

In August, the members of Mountain View 4-H Club gave club talks. The topics were:
Jacob – History of Barbecuing
Jared – Card tricks
Kade – Insect collection
Kayla – Horses
Koleman – Football
Kyle – Guitar
Lindsey – Rocks
Michael – Sewing Star Trek uniform
Steven – Tractors

Young Naturalists, Tatum Epperson, Reporter

It has been a very busy summer for the Young Naturalists. In June, our Senior Team headed for Kerrville, Texas to compete in the National 4-H Shooting Competition. There we over 30 states represented there. Our group competed in Shotgun, Rifle, and Archery. Team members included: Tucker Epperson, Hannah Hall, Paul Maybin, Caleb Worrell, and Gideon Worrell. Congratulations to Paul Maybin and our rifle team for winning a team medal!

In July, our group met at Orchard Lake Campground to swim and picnic! Thanks to the Hall family for hosting us!

In August, our group attended JAARS in Waxhaw, NC. Our group got to fly in a helicopter and view the museum and grounds!

Our group has also been meeting weekly to practice shotgun and rifle. The state competition is September 25th at Mill Stone!

Hoofbeats Ali, Reporter
In July my club met at Ms. Wendy’s house and made different kinds of jumps like the oxford, hogs back , and stretch.
Run-Abouts Briana, Reporter

January- We went to different stations and learned about the project options we would have for this year. At one station we made bean bags for the leaders meeting in February and we also made jars with Hot Chocolate mix in it for the same meeting. We made bird feeders out of bagels, peanut butter, and bird seed.
February- We put together Valentines Day candy for the families of patients at the Elizabeth House
March- Snowed Out
April- We made bookmarks and studied Carl Sandburg
May- We did Presentations. Daniel showed us how to make a fruit pizza. Lee told us how he made pork burgers.
June- This month our club had a guest speaker. She brought her dog that works as a therapy dog. The dog travels around in the hospital and nursing homes to make
people feel better. We also made treat bags for the dogs at the animal shelter that the new owners are able to take home with them.
August- At our meeting this month Jessica and Tori gave their club talks. Jessica’s was heart patients and how to become a Cardiovascular Technician. Tori told us about
the band she plays in and the instrument she plays. She also told us how we could find an instrument we like that we could play. The day we met was National
Watermelon Day. We made Jelly Bean treat bags that looked like Watermelons for the staff at the extension office. We also had a watermelon seed spitting

Run-Abouts Briana, Reporter

In July we made hygiene care packs for mainstay. We also had a potluck supper to celebrate the 4th of July.

Mountain View Michael, Reporter

On June 28, Mrs. Arlene Riley joined us again to help us finish our batiks. We covered them with black ink and then submerged them in water. We then lightly scrubbed the painting to cause the black to come off in some places.

Hawks 4-H Club (Lauren, reporter)

On June 28, 2010 our 4-H group added two new members. We also gave impromptu speeches and we did table topics. Mrs. Hart taught.

Mountain View Michael, Reporter

On May 17, Mrs. Arlene Riley taught us about the style of painting called batik. Batik is the covering of a painting with black ink and washing it off. This process causes some of the ink to remain on the painting and some of it to wash off. The effect is that light colors darken, white spots turn black, and black spots are left on the painting. Afterwards, we made a painting which will be used for batik at our next meeting.

Young Naturalists Tatum, Reporter
In May our club continued to do fund raising for shooting sports. Four of our members will leave at the end of June going to Texas. We had a yard sale and had a car wash at Tractor Supply. We have also continued practicing rifle, archery, and shotgun.

Young Naturalists Tatum, Reporter
In the month of April we went to Jordan Lake for WHEP competition. Our junior team won first in the state! Members were Tatum and Tessa, Drue and Hannah. Hannah also won second place overall for the junior division. Paul won second place for the seniors. We also have been busy raising money to go to the national shooting competition held in Texas in June. We had a car wash at Tractor Supply and hosted a Doyle Lawson Concert to help with the costs. Members have also been meeting for target shooting in rifle, shotgun, and archery.

Crab Creek Crawdads

February – Officer Elections, and Valentines Party
March – Younger members gave more info on the country of Haiti for club talks.
April – We looked at the types of birds in our area, and everyone painted bird houses.
May – Oragami crafts
Mountain View 4-H Club (Micahel, reporter)

On April 19th, Mountain View 4-H Club had its third meeting about art. We read the book Hello Red Fox, by Eric Carle which taught about complimentary colors. We then learned how complimentary colors are used in making realistic shadows. We studied some famous pieces of art to see the usage of this effect. We mixed red, yellow, and blue paints to make our own color wheel showing the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Hawks 4-H Club (Lauren, reporter)
On April 26, 2010 our 4-H group gave speeches, using props, about things that we like. We practiced making eye contact, the 3 second rule, and speaking clearly. Mrs. Hart taught.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club (Tatum, reporter
In March, Our 4-H group went to Linville Caverns and toured the cave. Afterwards, we hiked to the waterfalls. We have also been meeting on Mondays to study WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program). We have learned a lot about identifying wildlife and their habitats. We have also been meeting every other week for rifle practice. Some people are also practicing shotgun and archery for our National shoot that will be held in Texas. We have been busy fund raising for our trip. We are selling bluegrass tickets for Doyle Lawson and Quick Silver Band. This event will be April 30, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Blue Ridge Conference Center. Tickets are $16.00. For information please call: 693-8954.

Mountain View 4-H Club – Michael – Reporter

On March 21, Mountain View 4-H Club had its second meeting about art. We learned about the style of painting called pointillism developed by Georges Seurat in 1886. We learned how to use many dots of paint to create a picture and how to use dots of two individual colors to make one color. Afterwards, we made a painting using pointillism.

LIT – March & April (Faith, reporter)

The Leaders in Training Teens are still studying Forensics. The younger members have begun a study of Entomology (Bugs!). Faith Brooks, Daniel Torres, and Evan Lance attended the 4-H Movie Night on women’s right to vote at the Extension Office. For a field trip, our club went to the Arboretum in Asheville and saw the “Scoop on Poop” exhibit. We also helped to clean up after the Plant Sale at Henderson Farm.

CHATT – February – March (Naomi, reporter)

The CHATT 4-H club has had a busy month. We held our officer elections in January. We have been practicing our speech selections, and attended a practice speech and debate competition In the Charlotte area on February 13th. Some of our members attend homeshool classes at Biltmore Baptist Church; we held a five week bake sale for Haiti relief and received a total of $280, and the church matched our amount the money was donated to Haiti through Samaritans purse. We made valentines for children in hospitals in South Carolina. We also had a day of recreation and went bowling, and practiced our speeches. During our meetings we continue studying debate and practicing impromptu speeches. – Naomi McIlvaine, Reporter.

Hawks March 22, 2010 (Lauren, reporter)

On March 22 our 4-H group gave 30-60 second speeches from a book or a poem. Mrs. Hart taught the lesson on Public Speaking. We elected Christopher as our Treasurer and Kathryn as our Executive Clerk.

Hawks, June/July/August/September/October 2009 (Matthew, reporter)

Angelina Branch, Sarah Hart, Rebecca Hart, and Matthew King gave presentations at County Activity Day. Sarah and Matthew were County Champions in their age and category. Rebecca, Sarah, and Matthew went on to District. Rebecca and Sarah received gold and Matthew, silver.

June 22 – We went to Fletcher Park and played in the creek. It was a lot of fun. We had snack and then played some more.

July 27 – We played board games at the Worley’s house because it thunder stormed and kept us from swimming. What a bummer!

August – This month Mrs. Worley taught us about attentiveness. We also learned what to do in emergencies. Some of us got certified in CPR, we all past, Hooray!

September 14 – Mrs. Worley taught us about obedience and Lauren told us about her mission trip to Guatemala.

September 28 – Emili and I taught the group about honeybees. My mom taught about diligence. We practiced making the honeybee craft for Farm City Day.

October 3 – The Hawks taught about honeybees and gave the kids a bee craft at Farm City Day.

Hawks, October/November/December 2009 (Matthew, reporter)

October 26 – We got to go to the horse stables where Angelina takes lessons. We learned about the different ways to ride a horse, the parts of the horse’s body, and the tools that are used for riding and caring for a horse. It was a lot of fun.

November 7 – Emily Johnson and Rebecca Hart entered the Bake-Off. Emily entered as a Clover Bud and made delicious chocolate cookies. Rebecca took First Place and Best of Show with her awesome Artisan bread. Way to go girls!

November 23 – Today, we made Christmas food gifts that we can give to our family or friends. We made a yummy looking soup mix and delicious chocolate covered pretzels.

December 7 – We are going to the Inflation Station for our Christmas Party. I can’t wait.

Leader’s In Training, September/October 2009 (Andrew, reporter)

The LIT teens are now studying cooking. In September and October they worked at the Extension Office with Sue Janowiak, cooking up some delicious food. The entire club is now studying Astronomy, and will be for the rest of the year. We went to the planetarium at Bob Jones University and plan to attend Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute and the planetarium at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia.

Run-Abouts, November 2009 (Allison, reporter)

At this month’s meeting, we discussed the Christmas Parades in both Fletcher and Hendersonville and our participation in both of them. We also decorated cakes to eat and counted Kid’s Voting ballots.

4H Rubies, August/September/October 2009 (Caiti, reporter)

The 4H Rubies is a small group that is learning the fundamental basics of home economics. In August, we brainstormed about our group, made a list of things we want to learn, and we elected our officials. Meredith Jones is the President, Micheala Hunnicutt is the Vice President, Meghan Hunnicutt is the Secretary, and Sarah Jones is the Treasurer. In September, we learned about how to use an egg in many different ways and in October, we baked chocolate chip muffins with a twist. All of us are having fun learning together and creating messes in the kitchen.

Mountain Lions, June/July/August 2009 (Hannah, reporter)

At District Activity day, Elizabeth, Anna, and Naomi McIlvaine did presentations AND performed for 4-H entertains. At the Do Tell Story Fest we made books with children and had dogs to read to at the Mt. Lore bookstore. On Monday, July 20th we provided lunch and served the homeless in downtown Hendersonville.

Elizabeth and Naomi did their presentations at Congress. We studied Speech and Debate all during the summer. We sponsored a Speech & Debate camp in the middle of August. Rachel and Hannah Goodson participated in the 4-H mini-garden competition and hosted Japanese exchange student, Sakiko Kino, through LABO.

Mountain View, July 2009 (, reporter)

At the 4-H club meeting we had club talks. We only 5 people did they club talk.

  1. Have a nice day

Wildcats, June/July/August 2009 (Paige, reporter)

This summer the Wildcats studied Vermicomposting and learned to put
together a compost bin. Emma Spahr, Kathryn Johnson, and Paige Wallace completed the FRESH program
in the spring. Paige has participated as a fill in person during the summer. Paige Wallace won a gold medal at District Activity Day for her presentation on Chickens and Embryology. Paige also won 1st place for the 4-H State Photography contest for the category 4-H Centennial, and 2nd place for the category 4-H in Action in the Junior Division. The Wildcats ran the cupcake booth at the Do Tell story event in Hendersonville in July. The Wildcats also attended the 4-H county picnic in Jackson park. Maeve and Sierra Wallace are participating in the Pumpkin Patch program this summer. The Wildcats helped out as Balloon Runners at the CMSA Mid-Atlantic Championship last weekend. In August, the Wildcats are studying reptiles. A presentation was given by Emma Spahr and her family that included a lot of her friendly
reptile pets. The Wildcats will continue this study with a class at the WNC Nature center in Asheville.

Wildcats, June/July/August/September 2009 (James, reporter)

The Wildcats have been busy and achieved some great things. James Glass

received the silver medal from district, on his project record of Mustang Cars. Way to go, James! In July, we learned about worm composting and manned the cupcake table at the ” Do Tell Storyfest” in front of the old Hendersonville Courthouse. August we ran balloons at the Cowboy Mounted
Shooting event at the WNC Ag. Center, and the Spahr family gave a presentation on reptiles. This was followed by a field trip to the Nature Center for a class on reptiles. On Labor Day, we worked the Curb Market parking during the Hendersonville Apple Festival. At the NC Mountain State Fair, the Wildcats had a booth set-up and received honorable mention from the judges. Great job Wildcats!!

Young Naturalists, July 2009 (Luke, reporter)

In July, 4H Young Naturalist went to Orchard Lake. We swam and went canoeing. We had a picnic beside the lake. It was very fun and exciting because we got to play on the boats.

Young Naturalists, August 2009 (Luke, reporter)

Last month at the 4H meeting, we talked about the 4H fair booth. Each family was chosen to do something. The Maybins were chosen to do the Gold. We have been practicing target shooting all summer to be good for out state competition.

American Clovers, February 2009 (Erica & Celine, reporters)

During our last 4-H meeting we talked about when the Native Americans traveled into what is today Canada and America. To go with that we made some buffalo and hominy.

American Clovers, March 2009 (Erica & Celine, reporters)

During our last 4-H meeting we made little key-chains by beading red, yellow, blue, orange, and white beads into a diamond shaped pattern. Also a few people tried a pattern that Mr. Janowik started on a thing he made himself.

Barnyard Bandits, January 2009 (Savannah Tankersley, reporter)

There were 7 members and 4 guests. We had guests give a presentation on cow showmanship. Then we voted for officers.

Barnyard Bandits, February 2009 (Kailin, reporter)

The Barnyard Bandits met at Animals R Us Veterinary Clinic on Saturday, February 28, 2009. There were six families in attendance for a total of 8 club members. Dr. Hargis gave our club a tour of the new facility and spoke about common practices in a vet’s office and more specifically how those practices relate to larger animals such as horses, cows, sheep and goats.

Dana Bobcats, January 2009

Twenty-six kids were here. We decorated tin cans with construction and tissue paper for Garrett Sheehan’s fundraiser. Afterward, we had popcorn and goldfish for snack with Roaring Waters Capri Sun.

Crab Creek Crawdads, February 2009 (David & Katie, reporters)

We held our last meeting on February 10. We would like to say thanks to Denise Sherrill for attending and providing our parents with lots of helpful information. We learned about genealogies and how to make our own family tree from club member Emily McDowell. We also discussed our service project of landscaping at the Crab Creek Community Center. After our meeting we finished up with a Valentine’s Day Social.

Crab Creek Crawdads, May 2009 (David and Katie, reporters)

The Crab Creek Crawdads had a tasty meeting this month. One of our moms, Jamie Cantrell, presented to our members the importance of practicing healthy eating habits. Then we all put our new knowledge to work and fired up the grill. We are sure that the neighbors were wishing they were 4-H members! It was a lot of fun and we really learned a lot.

Hawks, January 2009- (Matthew, reporter)

January 12th—We held elections. This is who won: Lauren- President, Angelina- Vice President, Emili- Secretary, Blake- Treasurer, Matthew- Reporter, and Sarah- County Council.

We also welcomed our new members, Morgan and Clarke.

January 26th—The Harts taught about cooperation. Clarke gave a club on making bread. He shared the bread with us for snack and it was delicious!

Hawks, February-March 2009 (Matthew, reporter)

February 12th—- The Hart family taught about teamwork. We played games and had to work as a team. It was a lot of fun.

February 27th—-Today we met at the North View Baptist Church Office. Mrs. Darlene Das, from Today’s Etiquette, came and taught us proper etiquette. We learned how to introduce people and proper hand shaking. We also learned table manners; we even got to eat M&M’s with a spoon.

March 9th—–The MacDonald family20taught about small engines. Mr. MacDonald showed us how a small engine works; we made a pretend human motor to show what we learned about engines. Mrs. Macdonald taught us about orderliness.

March 23rd—Today we each made a model rocket. Mrs. King (my mom) spoke to us about being responsible and trustworthy. I (Matthew King) taught about the parts of a rocket and launching safety. We hope to launch our rockets at our next meeting, April 6.

Hawks, April-June 2009 (Matthew King, reporter)

April – We went to Lake Point Landing to visit with some of the residents and gave a mini talent show. It was fun; my favorite part was the MacDonald family’s skit of the Meatball song. We also had a successful launch with our rockets.

May – Today we went to Spring Arbor Nursing Home and played Bingo with the residents. We gave the winners fuzzy bookmarks that one of the Hart girls made.

Angelina Branch, Sarah Hart, Rebecca Hart, and Matthew King gave presentations at County Activity Day. Sarah and Matthew were County Champions in their age and category. Rebecca, Sarah, and Matthew went on to District. Rebecca and Sarah received gold and Matthew, silver.

June – We went to Fletcher Park and played in the creek. It was a lot of fun. We had snack and then played some more.

Leaders-in-Training, January 2009 (Andrew Torres, reporter)

So far this year, the Henderson County Leaders-in-Training 4-H Club is learning to make books. Right now our 4-H Club is learning about different authors. Each member of the club is writing his/her own book.

Mountain Lions, June/July/August 2009 (Hannah, reporter)

At District Activity day, Elizabeth, Anna, and Naomi McIlvaine did presentations AND performed for 4-H entertains. At the Do Tell Story Fest we made books with children and had dogs to read to at the Mt. Lore bookstore. On Monday, July 20th we provided lunch and served the homeless in downtown Hendersonville.

Elizabeth and Naomi did their presentations at Congress. We studied Speech and Debate all during the summer. We sponsored a Speech & Debate camp in the middle of August. Rachel and Hannah Goodson participated in the 4-H mini-garden competition and hosted Japanese exchange student, Sakiko Kino, through LABO.

Mountain View, January-February 2009 (Jacob, reporter)

We decided to have an election. Here are the results:

President, Kyle; Vice-President, Sara -Garrett; Secretary, Michael; Treasurer, Nichole-Dakota; Reporter, Jacob

January – For the first part of the year we will be studying astronomy. We learned how far the planets are from the sun. We broke up into teams of two for each planet. Ms. Fritz gave us scales of how far each planet was from the sun. We used yarn for distance. Some of the people had so much yarn they went out of the building. Some of the longer pieces got knotted up. We also answered questions about our Milky Way.

February – This month Mr. Williams should us the 2 kinds of telescopes including Newton’s telescope.

And we reviewed the planet size & the gravity make us weigh if we where on that planet. And we talked about star formations. Hope you have a very nice day.

Mountain View, March 2009 (Jacob, reporter)

The day we had our meeting it was Patrick’s Day. The teacher was Mrs. Susan Rowe.

We watched a move on how long it would take for some one to go to each planet from the Earth.

We watched another one about the Milky Way. The move said that the scientist’s thought that the end of the Milky Way was the end of every thing. But with the help of Hubble they found out it was not true.

Some of the galaxies have so much gravity that they would collide and it would make a big mess.

Mountain View, April 2009 (Jacob, reporter)

Mrs. Darlene Brown was our teacher. She showed us, with the help from some glasses, how different gases give off different colors. And some of the colors give off more of a color then others and that is the dominant colors. More about the glasses:

The glasses have special lenses that take apart the light so you could see the colors of the gases that she used. She also gave us some glasses that let you look at the sun. Which I thought was very cool.

I hope you have a nice day

Run-Abouts, January 2009

We had projects set out for everyone to view. They could try out each project to see what they wanted to do for the year. The projects were livestock, cooking, and scrapbooking. We also made treats for the families at the Elizabeth House.

Run-Abouts, February 2009 (Allison Merritt, reporter)

On February 2, 2009, our club made Valentines for The Elizabeth House. We also had a “Carmeletta Hunt”. The “carmelettas” were actually carmel candies. We decided to make lunch on April 18 for a WHEP fundraiser. We voted on Big Brothers and Big Sisters Bowling. We did not have enough votes supporting it.

Run-Abouts, April, May, June 2009 (Allison Merritt, reporter)

April – We had our meeting and then went to Dale’s Auto Service to look at his race cars.

May – We had our 4-H meeting and then we heard about the presentations our 4-H’ers were doing.

June – We held our meeting and then started electric kits.

Run Abouts, August 2009 (Allison Merritt, reporter)

We worked on our fair booth and celebrated Janet, our group leader’s, birthday.

Young Naturalists, January 2009 (Luke Maybin, reporter)

The 4-H Young Naturalists elected officers for the next year at our January meeting. Gideon Worrell was elected president, Kyle Stinnett was elected VP, Paul Maybin was elected treasurer, Hannah Worrell was elected secretary, Luke Maybin was elected reporter, and Hannah Worrell and Drue Stinnett were elected as our county council reps. We also planned out our calendar and activities.

Young Naturalists, February 2009 (Luke, reporter)

The 4-H Young Naturalists have been meeting each week to practice for the W.H.E.P or Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program state competition. We do animal I.D., animal foods, aerial habitat photos, and wildlife habitat management practices. We also plan to go skiing on February 26th.

Young Naturalists, March 2009 (Luke, reporter)

On Saturday March 21, the Young Naturalist 4H club built skeet houses for Asheville Wild Life Club. We all got to run big machines and made frames for the skeet houses. Also, we have been practicing every Tuesday for the Whep state competition in April.

Young Naturalists, April 2009 (Luke, reporter)

Young Naturalist have practiced for WHEP (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program) since February. We had two junior teams and they won first and second place. 1st place junior was Paul Maybin. Hannah Worrell was third place. Next month, we are going to see the elk at Catalouchee.

1st place junior team: Tucker Epperson, Paul Maybin, Drue Stinnett, and Gideon Worrell

2nd place junior team: Matthew Batchelder, Tessa Epperson, Logan Hedrick, and Hannah Worrell

Young Naturalists, May 2009 (Luke, reporter)

4H Young Naturalist went to Cataloochee to see Elk. They saw elk and turkey. They saw about 30 elk. Chip Worrell, said it was a good place to hike and picnic.

Young Naturalists, July 2009 (Luke, reporter)

In July, 4H Young Naturalist went to Orchard Lake. We swam and went canoeing. We had a picnic beside the lake. It was very fun and exciting because we got to play on the boats.

Wildcats, January/February 2009Paige Wallace, reporter)

In January we studied severe weather with a presentation by the Shewfelts. We also visited the NCDC/NOAA office in Asheville, where all the weather archives are kept for the country. In February we attended 4-H Achievement night. We visited a karate dojo and had a great time learning some cool moves. This month we went on a behind the scenes tour of Connemara farm at the Carl Sandburg House. There we fed the goats, petted them, and brushed them. We also learned about the processing of goat milk and how the goat farm is run. We will learn about Native American culture later this month with a presentation by the Duncans.

Wildcats, June/July/August 2009 (Paige, reporter)

This summer the Wildcats studied Vermicomposting and learned to put together a compost bin. Emma Spahr, Kathryn Johnson, and Paige Wallace completed the FRESH program

in the spring. Paige has participated as a fill in person during the summer. Paige Wallace won a gold medal at District Activity Day for her presentation on Chickens and Embryology. Paige also won 1st place for the 4-H State Photography contest for the category 4-H Centennial, and 2nd place for the category 4-H in Action in the Junior Division. The Wildcats ran the cupcake booth at the Do Tell story event in Hendersonville in July. The Wildcats also attended the 4-H county picnic in Jackson park. Maeve and Sierra Wallace are participating in the Pumpkin Patch program this summer. The Wildcats helped out as Balloon Runners at the CMSA Mid-Atlantic Championship last weekend. In August, the Wildcats are studying reptiles. A presentation was given by Emma Spahr and her family that included a lot of her friendly reptile pets. The Wildcats will continue this study with a class at the WNC Nature center in Asheville.

Barnyard Bandits, November/December, 2008(Joseph, reporter)

We met in November at the Orr’s Farm in Mills River and ate lunch. We toured their farm and checked out their watering system. We toured their barn set-up for lambing season too. We had 15 members present.

Our December meeting was held on December 20 at Bay Breeze Restaurant. We scheduled our meetings for the next 6 months and the topics for each meeting. Our January meeting will be the 24th where we will hear a presentation from a Buncombe County member about livestock. We enjoyed our time of fellowship together. We’ll elect officers for the new year in January. We had 13 members present.

Mountain View, November (Dakota Fritz, reporter)

At our last meeting, half of our members did club talks on whatever they wanted. This was our second month of this. We were going to do robotics but we had computer problems and couldn’t, so we decided to just do club talks in October and November. We have decided that we are going to go to Huntsville, Alabama next spring.

We collected 129 pounds of canned food for Manna Food Bank.

We also had a very good turn out of people for the Veteran’s Day ceremony. Thank you to the Hawks for joining us.

Young Naturalists – November 2008

The Young Naturalists did their community service project in November. We raked leaves and pulled weeds for a lady on Stony Mountain Rd.

Crab Creek – November 2008

Crab Creek 4-H met on November 11, 2008 Veterans Day and had our 1st. official meeting. We discussed officer positions that will be filled in January, and one of our members spoke on the origination of Veterans Day. We then went to Crab Creek Cemetary and placed flags on veterans graves that did not have one. We met on Saturday November 15th and baked cookies as a group, these were sent along with 20 homemade cards to our service men and women in Iraq by Anchor Baptist Church.

Hawks 4-H Club November – December 2008 (Preston, Reporter)

All the Hawks attended the Veterans Day Ceremony at the VA Hospital and hand delivered our homemade cards. We provided supplies for Healthy Cooking Contest participants to make pilgrim hat tray favors for local nursing home residents. Then we visited the residents of Spring Arbor. We played BINGO and sang a few Thanksgiving Songs to them. Our last meeting for the year will be on December 8th. We will be having a Christmas party and a small awards ceremony; many will be receiving 2nd year pins for project records completed.

Barnyard Bandits – October 2008, Joseph Wesson, reporter
The Barnyard Bandits met for their October meeting at SAFF,
which is the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, held each year at
the WNC Ag Center. There are sheep, goats, llamas, and rabbits, as well as the many hand-crafted items you can make from these fibers. We brought our sheep on Friday and set up, cleaning our sheep and feeding them. Then the youth show was on Saturday, showing only the ewes (females). The open show was on Sunday, which means adults show the animals as well as children. The rams were shown on Sunday too. Now that the fairs are over for the season, all of us will be having our flocks sheared.

Crab Creek – October 2008, Leslie McDowell, reporter
Crab Creek 4-H club observed molasses being made in October. We had 9 4-H age kids and other younger children present along with 5 moms. We had a great time observing this process.

Crab Creek – November 2008, Leslie McDowell, reporter
The Crab Creek 4-H Club participated in the Crab Creek
Community Club Fall Festival. We had 4 club members helping with a kid cake walk, and a beanbag throw game for children.

Hawks – August, September and October 2008, Preston Baldwin, Reporter
We went to the King’s house to participate in a creek reconstruction project by the county’s soil and water conservation dept, gathering critters from the creek and running a water quality test. The creek averaged excellent and
we even saw a muskrat! We participated in the Paws and Claws Day, had an Ice Cream ‘Back to Home School’ party, next learned about healthy foods and the food pyramid and we were invited to a Fall Tea Party, given by Emili.

For Community Service, we made a bunch of Veteran’s Day cards and we
collected over 40 coats for Miller’s Laundry to clean and give to needy children.

We would like to thank Ms. Sue Ruff, Ms. Gover’s mom for helping us in collecting many coats.

Wildcats – September, October 2008, Paige Wallace, reporter
In September, the Glass family did a wonderful presentation on the Solar System with delicious cookies. They also provided a great fieldtrip to Ingles, where we got to see the behind the scenes workings of a grocery store. We learned how they decorate cakes also. Their cookies were good too. In October, the Wildcats won 1st place on Scarecrow Row at Farm City Day in the Youth Group Division. We also had a successful booth fundraiser with our sand art bracelets. This month the Capps family will do a presentation on Rabbit Care.

Young Naturalists – October 2008, Paul Maybin, reporter
The upcoming events for our club include the Young Eagles
flight program at the WNC Air Museum. We are also going
to glean tomatoes at a farm in Mills River to help the Society
of St. Andrew.

Crab Creek – November 2008 (Leslie McDowell, reporter) The Crab Creek 4-H Club participated in the Crab Creek Community Club Fall Festival. We had 4 club members helping with a kid cake walk, and a beanbag throw game for children.

Crab Creek – October 2008 (Leslie McDowell, reporter)Crab Creek 4-H club observed molasses being made in October. We had 9 4-H age kids and other younger children present along with 5 moms. We had a great time observing this process.

Run-Abouts – August 2008 (Briana, Reporter)During this meeting, we made a poster for the pet education day. We also made a basket full of snacks for the Elizabeth House. We also went over the judging and information for scarecrow row.

Run Abouts – Club Report

Earlier this year, our club started shooting recurve bows. We have also been waking baskets full of candy snacks and treats for the Elizabeth House. In May, we went to a therapeutic horse farm to learn about the therapy and to clean a horse stall. We had 4 members compete at CAD and 2 went to district and state. One member participated in the State Fashion Revue.

Hawks 4-H Club June 2008 (Preston, Reporter)
We had presentation practice at our June 9th meeting.

The following did presentations:
Sarah, “Dog Agility” won blue!
Lauren, “Banana Bread” won blue!
Angelina, “Horses” won blue!
Emili, “Tea Time” won blue!
Brandon, “About Jiu Jitsu” won red!
Rebecca made a career poster on Archaeology (Cloverbud). Sarah’s career poster was on Acting, won 2nd!

Preston’s poster titled, “The Dog Doctor” won 1st!

June 23rd we took a hike! Literally, to Carl Sandburg’s and Glassy Mountain.
Brandon won a silver medal for his project record on Photography, Angelina won a silver for her project record on Horses and Sarah won gold for her project record on Dogs!

Preston’s “Dog Doctor” career poster, ages 9-10 won at District!

District Presentations were Emili, won 1st and Sarah, won 2nd. Angelina’s won 1st at district and 4th in the State!!!

Hawks 4-H Club July 2008 (Preston, Reporter)

On July 14th, Rebecca showed us how to make soap. We all got to make our own soap and Preston taught us carve on Ivory soap. July 28th, we will work together on the Cat Adoption Day plans; informative poster, pet bowls and treats.

Hawks 4-H Club – July 2008
His picture “My dog did my homework” won 1st place at state!

Mountain Lions 4-H Club -June (field trip):

On June 27, the Mountain Lions 4-H club took a field trip to the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. Our club split into two groups and hiked to the river with our guides. We first learned about some of the wildlife that make their home in the river. We also learned about the tools the researchers use to catch and study the fish and other critters. After we learned some of the basics, we got right in the water and began looking for creatures that we would later identify. My group found a rare “Hellbender” salamander and studied him for a few minutes. Our guide had only ever seen one like it before! Furthermore, we got to classify what critters we’d found in the water using identification charts. We all really had a great time discovering what lives in our mountains’ rivers. – Meredith

Mountain Lions 4-H Club – July

July 9 was the date of our club meeting this month. We all gave our presentations for one another in order to prepare for 4-H Congress. Some of our younger and newer members also got to watch our presenters. It was so exciting to see all of the different interests our club members have! After presentations, we had a going-away party for our friend and fellow club member, Montana. We put together a photo album filled with notes, cards, Bible verses, and pictures to give to her. Several more of her friends came and joined us for food and fellowship. – Meredith

Young Naturalists 4-H Club – June 2008

The 4-H Young Naturalists held a BBQ and auction on June 7 to raise money for our senior shooting team. The senior team will be competing in the National target shooting meet in Nebraska on the week of June 23. Reporter – Paul

 Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – June, 2008
We met this past Saturday at the Newell Farm. There were 13 people present. We had a tour of the Newell’s operation, where they have cows and sheep along with their guard dogs. We then went to their home to enjoy a cook-out and covered dish meal. We learned more about how the Newells’ have enlarged their farm and how they moved to Illinois, but returned to NC. We’re glad they did! Thanks, Joseph–reporter.

Mountain View 4-H Club – May, 2008

May has been a very busy month for Mountain View. We ran kids voting in South Mills River and East Flat Rock on May 6. It was fun though we didn’t get too many kids.

On May 15 we did a service project at the mall. We helped venders for the health expo carry their stuff in and set up. This is always one of our favorite activities.

We had our last meeting on May 20. A man from the Henderson County Board of Elections came and spoke about elections and the computers they use for voting. We learned that each precinct needs at least 10% of the people to speak a foreign language for the precinct to have ballots in that language, the pros and cons to using the computer for voting, that there are 75,000 registered voters in Henderson County, that only 35% of the registered voters in Henderson County voted in the primary election (which is a record), that there are about 3.5 million registered voters in North Carolina, and much more. It was a very interesting meeting, especially when each of us got to actually vote on the voting machine just like we were 18 years old.

On May 21 we went to the County Commissioners meeting. They were discussing the county budget. It was very interesting to see them using parliamentary procedure just like we do at our meetings. See the meeting agendas.

We had a field trip to the old courthouse on the 27th of May. It was very interesting. The display was about people in Henderson County who have fought in wars from the French and Indian War through the War on Terror. They had a lot of cool original uniforms and utensils used in the wars.

Mountain Lions 4-H Club – May, 2008

The Mountain Lion 4H Club met on May 14th for our regular monthly meeting. We invited two guest speakers in preparation for our field trip to the Mountain Horticulture Research Station. Mr. Harley Blackwell and Mr. Gary Green provided a bounty of information on the daily jobs of the employees at the research station. Each club member also planted herb seeds in small containers to grow at home. The following week, on May 21st, we took our field trip to the Research Station. We learned so much! We were able to see how the farmers graft apple trees, how different varieties of tomato plants are bred, and we saw the fish tanks where they are observing sturgeon development.

Meghan, Reporter

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – May, 2008

This month our group met at 6:00 p.m. for supper at Golden Corral. Each family discussed what was happening on their farms, including the number of lambs born on each farm as well as loss of sheep. We had a new member/guest –Landon Wilkins and his granddad Burnitt Babb. Following this we went to the Taylor’s Farm and had a tour of their operation. We discussed with them the fencing they use, hay feeders, lambing process, sheds, and how they protect against wild dogs and coyotes. We then left to go to Piggy’s for ice cream, but they were closed! Joseph, Reporter

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – March

On Saturday, March 15, 2008, our group went to the Autumn Care Nursing Home in Saluda, N.C. We were there to help the residents fill Easter eggs. We filled 800 eggs with the help of the residents. The eggs were filled with assorted candy. The kindergarten classes from an area elementary school were coming to find eggs with the residents the following week. Joseph, Reporter

Barnyard Bandits 4-H Club – April

We met on April 5, 2008 at the Tankersly Farm in Transylvania County. We had a hamburger dinner and a tour of the farming operations. Children helped milk goats and visit the set-up of the pastures. We looked at the many craft items that are made using wool and other materials. There were nine members and their families present. Our next meeting is planned for the Newell Farm. Daniel – Reporter

Young Naturalists 4-H Club

The 4-H Young Naturalists went to the home of Mr. Alan Mizera in May. He is part of a group that goes in and searches for native plants on future development sites. The Young Naturalists scored well in the state W.H.E.P (Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program) competition. The senior team placed first. The two junior teams placed second and third. Our senior shooting team will travel to Nebraska in June to represent North Carolina. Reporter, Paul

Hawks 4-H Club – May 2008 (Preston, Reporter)

We performed our Drama Skits, “Doctor, Doctor” and ‘Ant’s Picnic’ at Spring Arbor May 5th and at the HCHA Talent Show on May 9th. We all had 2 parts to the ‘Doctor, Doctor’ skit and Brandon, Preston, Sarah and Matthew performed together in the ‘Ant’s Picnic’ skit.

We also performed ‘Doctor, Doctor’ at the 4-H Entertains. We won a red award ribbon.

Emili King was in the Fashion Review.

For the photography contest, Brandon, Preston and Blake entered in photographs in the Junior Division. Brandon was 3rd place and Preston won 1st place!

Wildcats – April
The Wildcats have been busy. In April, we studied dogs and the Iditarod. A presentation was given by Austin and Ciara. We also collected towels and food for the Animal Shelter. We visited the Animal Shelter and learned how to approach dogs and how to handle them. We visited with the animals and presented our donations.

At our second meeting in April, we visited the Arboretum in Asheville and learned about bugs. We had a nice hike and enjoyed the flowers in bloom. We also collected items for our “Summer Fun” basket and completed the basket for the 4-H Basket Raffle.

Paige and Sierra participated in the 4-H photo contest for all three categories. Paige will be participating in the 2008 4-H Fashion Review in May.

Paige, Reporter

Mountain Lions – April

This month, our theme has been Animal Therapy. On April 9, our club met at the Cooperative Extension Office in Jackson Park to learn about animal therapy. Mrs. Jane Peck came in with her golden retriever, Scarlet, and talked to us about how dogs are used as a form of therapy for handicapped children, elderly people, and kids who have difficulty reading. To wrap up our study on animal therapy, our club took a field trip to Casper’s Cove stables in Edneyville. Ms. Angela Cairnes spoke with us about the programs they have using equine therapy for emotionally unstable children. We then, as a club, helped repair a large riding ring on the property.
-Meredith, Mountain Lions Club Reporter

County Council – April

How County Council Members Observed Earth Day
By: Anne
AnneRachel: Recycled and Compost
Dakota: Stream Investigation
Daniel: Picked up litter
Rebekah: Used less water washing the dishes
Callie: Turned off lights in rooms they weren’t using
Brianar: Picked up litter
Elizabeth: Used less paper doing school
Tori: Recycled
Kyle: Stream Investigation and Recycled
Drue: Recycled
Naomi: Used less paper doing school

Hawks 4-H Club
During April we have been learning about Drama and plan to perform at the 4-H Entertains and HCHA Talent Show. We have a guest from North Henderson High Drama Team helping us with this unit.

On April 14th we all went to the Animal Shelter and mulched the gardens.

Oh Don’t forget–There are a few more opportunities to donate food for the Bak Pak Bunch. 4/28 from 2-4 at the Extension Office; 5/8 from 1:30-3:30 at Covenant Presbyterian Church; at the HCHA Talent Show at Covenant on May 9th and 5/27 from 5-8 p.m. at the Extension Office–THANKS!

Preston -Reporter

Mountain View 4-H Club – April
We had our last meeting on April 15. This was our last month of learning about photography. We were supposed to have someone come and teach, but she couldn’t make it there so we all critiqued each other’s photographs. We also learned how to do project records. I think that everyone in Mountain View has improved our photography skills enormously! Next month we will begin our unit on Citizenship.

Young Naturalists 4-H Club – April

The 4-H Young Naturalists helped plant 100 trees at Alcan Packaging for their community service project. We shot rifles and shotguns this month. The 17th of
April was our last W.H.E.P practice before the state competition April 19th at Carolina Beach. Paul, Reporter

Young Naturalists 4-H Club
The 4-H Young Naturalists were going to work at the Henderson County food bank for their community service project. Unfortunately, the manager was not there, so we had to call it off. We are starting back on target shooting,the new 4-H members have all done shooting training. Almost all Young Naturalists are participating in Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program, or WHEP. We will go to the competition on April 19. Paul, Reporter

The Mountain Lions 4H Club studied weather during our March meeting. We learned how to identify clouds and how to make a tornado in a bottle. We also had the opportunity to perform different scientific weather experiments. Thank you Mrs. Patty Pace for hosting our March meeting. Meghan, Reporter Hawks 4-H Club –

On our March 14th meeting, we had Heather Preckel come to our club and show us tips on taking a good photograph. On March 31st we will begin our 2 month unit on Drama and prepare 2 acts for HCHA’s Talent Show in May.

The Hawks club has taken on a 2 month mission to collect food for the Backpack Bunch. For more information, contact Ms. Baldwin at

Discovery Team 4-H Club -March meeting
All the kids took pictures of things and showed them to the class. It was fun. Then Mrs. Murtagh hid pictures around the hallway and we had to find them. After that we had a snack. We had yogurt with granola bits and fruit punch. Written by Samuel

Mountain Lions 4-H Club February meeting
We had two meetings during this month. On the first meeting, Mr. Rob Wilkins taught us about photography and how to take a good picture. He is a professional photographer that goes to Grace Community Church. He showed us many wonderful pictures that he had taken during his recent mission trip. The pictures were so interesting. I think we all enjoyed this meeting! During our second meeting we held elections. Here are the names of our new officers: President- Anna, Vice President- Jessica, Secretary- Emily, Vice Secretary- Montana, Treasurer- Elizabeth, County Council Rep.- Naomi, and the office of Reporter is being shared by Meghan and Mererdith. After we held elections we went to the Blue Ridge Mall to take photographs. Taking photographs together was a very fun experience!

Congratulations to all our new, club officers!

Jessica, Reporter

Discovery Team 4-H Club – The American Red Cross came in and talked with us about first-aid. Then they wrapped us up in bandages and pretended we were hurt. Then we had a snack and cleaned up.
Written by Joey

Hawks 4-H Club – February
All elected club positions filled: Angelina -President, Lauren -VP, Sarah -Secretary, Emili -Treasurer, Preston -Reporter

All members attended Achievement Night, 100% project records turned in – 7 Cloverbuds and 3 Blue Ribbons – Brandon, Sarah, Angelina.
Our club went to Pisgah Wildlife Education Center and learned about Turtles.

Brandon, Angelina, Preston, Matthew and Christopher participated in the Big Bro. Big Sisters “Bowl for Kids Sake”. We raised $180 and won the team trophy for best team name in Henderson County during the 1:30 time slot.

25th We learned about personal safety.

Discovery Team 4-H Club – January, 2008 -We talked about our relatives and made a picture frame. I liked it a lot. We had snack and had a lot of fun. written by Reagan

Hawks 4-H Club
December 1st — The Baldwins and the Branches walked in the Christmas parade.
December 7th — We set up a table at Christmas Craft Day by the Henderson County Homeschool Association to make Christmas paper chains. We then took those chains to the Brian Center Nursing Home and decorated their cafeteria
with the chains. We sang Christmas Carols to some of residents.

December 10th — It was our Annual Christmas Party. Ms. Hart gave out our first set of jewels. Brandon and Preston received all 4. The rest of our group received 3.

January 14th — Our first business meeting of the year. We held club elections. Brandon was elected County Council member for the Hawks. Angelina was elected President and Emili was re-elected Treasurer. We still have 3 positions to fill and will need to have another election on our next meeting. Ms. Hart gave the rest of the members their Sapphire pins. All 10 of our members turned in a project record. We have two new members, Blake and Emily. Next we filled out our 4-H
information cards and made our club’s yearly planner and had pizza and ice cream. All 5 of the Hawks boys will be bowling in Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake in February.


Discovery Team 4-H Club
In December, we talked about Christmas traditions and Christmas memories. We made Christmas crafts including our Discovery Team t-shirts and had a Christmas party.
Written by Joey.

Mountain Lions 4-H Club
Our December meeting was called to order by Sarah Jones. We had a lot of business to discuss. We decided on colors for our club’s T-shirts, we discussed future elections and we voted on our club’s scrapbook. Then it was time for our Christmas celebration. Each family had chosen a country to represent. We each gave a group talk and everyone brought food from their country. It was fun and delicious!
Jessica, Reporter

Mountain View 4-H Club

This year, my 4-H club, Mountain View, studied three topics: farm animals, food preparation, and chemistry. Here are some highlights of the year.

The first topic was farm animals. We went to a dairy farm and saw how cows are milked. We also went to a horse farm where many of us got to ride a horse for the first time!!

The second topic was food preparation. We learned how to make jelly, dehydrate food, and how to fish. We went fishing on the Davidson River and learned how to clean a fish properly. We took our fish home and cooked it. It was very good!

Our last topic was chemistry. We went to UNCA’s chemistry lab and learned how to perform chromatography and made slime. We also went to a sewage treatment facility. There, we learned how waste water is turned into clean water fit to discharge into a river. At our last chemistry meeting, all members of Mountain View gave club talks on chemistry.

In December, we had our annual Christmas party and club awards. 4-H is great! We are looking forward to our next year in 4-H!Michael, Reporter

Hawks 4-H Club (Preston, Reporter)

On November 26th, The Hawks went to the Blue Ridge Fire Dept. There we were allowed to tour the firehouse and got to see the sliding pole the firemen use. We also tried on some of the firemen’s equipment and it was heavy! Next we learned about the different trucks in the garage. Then we rode in the fire truck through town. It was a lot of fun as we drove past Matthew and Emili King’s grandparents house and blew the horn at them!

Mountain Lions 4-H Club – A Trip to City Hall By Naomi, age 12

My 4-H club went to City Hall and the mayor, Greg Newman, gave us a tour. There are statues in the lobby and he said they had been there since he was a little boy. He went to City Hall with his parents to pay the bills because you couldn’t mail the bills, as you can do today. The statue has two of our presidents sitting on either side of a president on a horse. The statues are bigger than life-sized, and looked like bronze. Mr. Newman said he never got bored of looking at the statues.

We saw his office, the lady who works with traffic tickets, the city’s 9-1-1 call center, the City Council chambers, and pictures of Hendersonville in the past. They were installing new computers in the 911 Center because it’s important to have the best equipment to help with emergencies. In the Chambers, we saw a slide show on the renovation of City Hall. When we left, he gave us Hendersonville pins, and we gave him brownies.

Mr. Newman said his favorite thing about being mayor is talking to students and giving tours. The hardest thing was making big decisions that are controversial, because he knew whatever he decided was going to make a lot of people unhappy.

The same day we went to the Board of Elections. Mrs. Cunningham told us they were getting ready for voting to begin the next day. They were setting out their computers so people could come to their office and vote before the regular day on November 6th. This early voting is called one-stop voting. We used one of their computers to practice voting.

On this field trip I learned how to use a voting machine and some of the jobs of the mayor of a town. These are important things to know to be a good citizen of our country.

Discovery Team – (September meeting – Samuel , Reporter)

We talked about ourselves and met new kids. Then we showed our posters to introduce ourselves. After our posters, we had a delicious snack. Then we played on the playground and went home.

Mountain Lions – (September meeting – Jessica, Reporter)

The meeting was called to order by Sarah. We talked about old business and then new business. We talked about what we were going to do at Farm City Day. We decided to offer face painting, to have a bake sale, and to have a display of butterflies to illustrate migration. Then we colored butterflies to send to Mexico. This was a very informative meeting. I would like to welcome our new members.

Mountain View – (September meetings – Michael, Reporter)

September 11 – Mountain View took a field trip to Buncombe County’s microbiological sewage treatment facility, Metropolitan Sewage District. We first went to the Systems Control Room and were taught about all the systems in the plant. Next we went to the RBC’s, Rotating Bacteria Containing Tanks. Each RBC is about 15 feet x 10 feet containing thousands of pounds of waste containing bacteria. The wastewater is pumped through the RBC’s and then to the clarifier which allows the sludge to settle and be scraped out. The sludge is then piped to the incinerator. The water is chlorinate, micro-screened, and piped to the river. After the tour of the plant, we visited the chemistry lab on site.
September 18 – On September 19, we had our second chemistry meeting taught by Mike Williams. He taught us about atoms and their structure. As an interactive activity, we made a “human” atom of Boron. Next we went outside for some explosive chemistry. It was very exciting!