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North Carolina Contacts in Christmas Tree Production

North Carolina State University Specialists

Location Contact Email / Phone / Internet
MHCR&EC Jeff Owen, Area Extension Specialist
Christmas Tree Production, Extension Forestry, CNR
Email: jeff_owen@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.684.3562
Internet: https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/fletcher/staff/jowen/index.html
MHCR&EC Dr. Jill Sidebottom, Area Extension Specialist
Mountain Conifer Integrated Pest Management, Extension Forestry, CNR
Email: jill_sidebottom@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.684.3562
Internet: http://christmastrees.ces.ncsu.edu/christmastrees-jill-sidebottom
Raleigh Dr. John Frampton, Associate Professor and Christmas Tree Geneticist
Forestry-General, CNR
Email: john_frampton@ncsu.edu
Internet: https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/profile/john-frampton/
Phone: 919.515.7580
Raleigh Dr. Fred Hain, Professor Emeritus
Entomology, CALS
Email: fred_hain@ncsu.edu
Internet: http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/entomology/hain
Phone: 919.515.3804
Raleigh Dr. Dennis Hazel, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Extension Forestry, CNR
Email: dennis_hazel@ncsu.edu
Internet: https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/profile/dennis-hazel/
Phone: 919.515.5573
Raleigh Dr. Eric Hinesley, Professor Emeritus
Horticultural Science, CALS
Email: eric_hinesley@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919.515.1223
Raleigh Dr. Charles Safley, Professor and Extension Economist
Agricultural and Resource Economics, CALS
Email: charles_safley@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919.515.4538

North Carolina State University Administration

Location Contact Email / Phone / Internet
College of Natural Resources (CNR) Dr. Mary Watzin, Dean Email: mary_watzin@ncsu.edu
Internet: http://cnr.ncsu.edu/about/dean_mary_watzin/
CNR Dr. Robert Bardon, Assistant Dean
Extension and Engagement
Email: robert_bardon@ncsu.edu
Internet: https://www.ces.ncsu.edu/profile/robert-bardon/
CNR – Forestry and Environmental Resources Dr. Tom Gower, Head Email: tom_gower@ncsu.edu
Internet: http://cnr.ncsu.edu/fer/people/tom-gower/
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Dr. Richard Linton, Dean Email: richard_linton@ncsu.edu
CALS CALS Administrative Team Internet: http://harvest.cals.ncsu.edu/dean/index.cfm?pageID=1063&printable=1

North Carolina Christmas Tree Production Counties

Alleghany County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Alleghany Cooperative Extension Center 90 South Main Street, 3rd Floor
PO Box 7
Sparta, NC 28675
Phone: 336.372.5597
Internet: http://alleghany.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Aaron Tompkins, Ag Agent
Email: aaron_tompkins@ncsu.edu
Phone: 336.372.5597
  • Brad Edwards, IPM Program Assistant
Email: brad_edwards@ncsu.edu
Phone: 336.846.5850
Alleghany Christmas Tree Association Internet: http://www.alleghanycta.com/
Alleghany County Evergreen Trail Christmas Farms Internet: http://www.evergreentrailchristmasfarms.com/
Ashe County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Ashe Cooperative Extension Center 134 Government Circle, Suite 202
Jefferson, NC 28640
Phone: 336.846.5850
Internet: http://ashe.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Travis Birdsell, Ag Agent
Email: travis_birdsell@ncsu.edu
Phone: 336.846.5850
  • Brad Edwards, IPM Program Assistant
Email: brad_edwards@ncsu.edu
Phone: 336.846.5850
Ashe County Christmas Tree Association Internet: http://www.ashecountychristmastrees.com/
Phone: 336.219.2650
Avery County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Avery Cooperative Extension Center 805 Cranberry Street
Newland, NC 28657
Phone: 828.733.8270
Internet: http://avery.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Jerry Moody, County Director
Email: jerry_moody@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.733.8270
  • Doug Hundley, AG Technician
Email: doug_hundley@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.733.8270
Avery County Christmas Tree Association Internet: http://www.averycountychristmastrees.org/
Buncombe County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Buncombe Cooperative Extension Center 94 Coxe Ave.
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828.255.5522
Internet: http://buncombe.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Cliff Ruth
Phone: 828.255.5522
Cherokee County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Cherokee Cooperative Extension Center 39 Peachtree St., Suite 103
Murphy, NC 28906
Phone: 828.837.2210
Internet: http://cherokee.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Keith Wood, AG Agent
Email: keith_wood@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.837.2910
Clay County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Clay Cooperative Extension Center Creekside Plaza Suite 15
P.O. Box 156
Hayesville NC 28904
Phone: 828.389.6305
Internet: http://clay.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Silas Brown, AG Agent
Email: silas_brown@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.369.6305
Graham County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Graham Cooperative Extension Center Smith Howell Building
39 South Main St.
P.O. Box 486
Robbinsville, NC 28771
Phone: 828.479.7979
Internet: http://graham.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Randy Collins, AG Agent
Email: randy_collins@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.489.7979
Haywood County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Haywood Cooperative Extension Center P.O. Box 308
589 Raccoon Rd., Suite 118
Waynesville, NC 28786
Phone: 828.456.3575
Internet: http://haywood.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Sarah Scott, AG Agent
Email: sarah_scott@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.456.3575
Jackson County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Jackson Cooperative Extension Center 538 Scotts Creek Rd, Suite 205
Sylva, NC 28779
Phone: 828.586.4009
Internet: http://jackson.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Christine Bredenkamp, AG Agent
Email: christine_bredenkamp@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.586.4009 488.3848
Jackson County Christmas Tree Association Internet: http://www.jccta.com
Macon County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Macon Cooperative Extension Center Agricultural Services Center
193 Thomas Heights Rd.,
Franklin, North Carolina, 28734
Phone: 828.349.2046
Internet: http://macon.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Alan Durden, County Director
Email: alan_durden@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.349.2046
Madison County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Madison Cooperative Extension Center P.O. Box 609
20 Bailey’s Branch Road
Marshall, NC 28753
Phone: 828.649.2411
Internet: http://madison.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Ross Young, County Director
Email: ross_young@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.649.2411
McDowell County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
McDowell Cooperative Extension Center 60 East Court St.
Marion, NC 28752
Phone: 828.652.8104 ext 332
Internet: http://mcdowell.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Molly Sandfoss, County Director
Phone: 828.652.7121
Mitchell County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Mitchell Cooperative Extension Center PO Box 366
10 S Mitchell Ave.
Bakersville, NC 28705
Phone: 828.688.4811
Internet: http://mitchell.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Jeff Vance, County Director
Email: jeffery_vance@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.688.4811
Mitchell Grown: Mitchell County Christmas Tree Growers Internet: http://mitchellgrown.com/farms/index.html
Swain County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Swain Cooperative Extension Center PO Box 2329
60 Almond School Road
Bryson City, NC
Phone: 828.488.3848
Internet: http://swain.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Christine Bredenkamp, AG Agent
Email: christine_bredenkamp@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.586.4009
Transylvania County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Transylvania Cooperative Extension Center 203 E Morgan St.
Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: 828.884.3109
Internet: http://transylvania.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Cliff Ruth, Area Ag Agent
Email: cliff_ruth@ncsu.edu
Phone: 828.697.4891
Watauga County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Watauga Cooperative Extension Center Agricultural Services Center
971 West King Street
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: 828.264.3061
Internet: http://watauga.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Paige Patterson, Ag Agent
Email: paige_patterson@ncsu.edu
Phone: 336.846.5850
  • Brad Edwards, IPM Program Assistant
Email: brad_edwards@ncsu.edu
  • Jim Hamilton, County Director
Email: jim_hamilton@ncsu.edu
Watauga County Christmas Tree Association Internet: http://www.wataugachristmastrees.org/
Yancey County
Organization / Contact Address / Email / Phone / Internet
Yancey Cooperative Extension Center 10 Orchard St
Burnsville, NC 28714
Phone: 828.682.6186
Internet: http://yancey.ces.ncsu.edu/
  • Stanley Holloway, Ag Agent
Phone: 828.682.7687
Email: stanley_holloway@ncsu.edu
Yancey Grown: Yancey County Christmas Tree Growers Internet: http://www.yanceygrown.com/

State Christmas Tree Associations

Organization Contact /Address Email / Phone / Internet
North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Jennifer Greene, Executive Director
577-3 George Wilson Rd
PO Box 1937
Boone, NC 28607
Phone: 800.562.8789
Internet: http://ncchristmastrees.com
Eastern North Carolina Christmas Tree Growers Misty Gill, Association President
Email: danielchristmastreefarm@gmail.com
Phone: 910-658-8759

NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Agronomic DivisionMain websiteInternet: http://www.ncagr.com/

Location Contact /Address Email / Phone / Internet
Marketing Division Bill Glenn, Marketing Specialist
WNC Farmers Market
570 Brevard Road
Asheville, NC 28806
Email: bill.glenn@ncagr.gov
Internet: http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/markets/asheville/index.htm
Phone: 828-253-1691 ext 13
Fax: 828-252-2025
Marketing Division Zach Mussler, Marketing Specialist
Marketing Center
1020 Mail Service Center,
Raleigh NC 27699-1020
Email: zach.mussler@ncagr.gov
Internet: http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/facilities/

Phone: 919.707.3147
Fax: 919.717.0155
Marketing Division NC Green Industry Internet: http://www.ncgreenindustry.org
Marketing Division NC Farm Fresh Internet: http://www.ncfarmfresh.com
Marketing Division Got to Be NC http://www.ncagr.gov/markets/gottobe/#start
STRUCTURAL PEST CONTROL & PESTICIDE DIVISION – PESTICDE SECTION Main website Internet: http://www.ncagr.gov/SPCAP/pesticides/index.htm
Soil Testing Section Main website Internet: http://www.ncagr.com/
Plant Industry Division Main website http://www.ncagr.gov/plantindustry/
Plant Protection Section Main website http://www.ncagr.gov/plantindustry/plant/index.htm
Plant Protection Specialists Map http://www.ncagr.gov/plantindustry/plant/nursery/fstaff.htm
Plant Protection Specialist: Crossnore Tim Hartley
Phone: 828-733-2337
Email: Tim.Hartley@ncagr.gov
Plant Protection Specialist: Boone Chad Taylor
Phone: 336-466-0478
Email: Chad.Taylor@ncagr.gov
Plant Protection Specialist: Sylva Jim Corbin
Phone: 828-421-5445
Email: Jim.Corbin@ncagr.gov
Plant Protection Specialist: Pisgah Forest Sue Dial
Phone: 828-577-0915
Email: Susan.Dial@ncagr.gov
Plant Protection Specialist: Morganton Amanda Cook
Phone: 828-443-1289
Email: Amanda.Cook@ncagr.gov
Pesticide Division Inspector Travis Snodgrass , Pesticide Inspector I Email: Travis.Snodgrass@ncagr.gov
Pesticide Division Inspector Charles Clark, Pesticide Inspector II Email: Charles.Clark@ncagr.gov

North Carolina Forest Service

Department Contact Email / Phone / Internet
NC Forest Service General Information Main webpage Internet: http://www.ncforestservice.gov/
NC Forest Service County Ranger Contacts Internet:http://www.ncforestservice.gov/Contacts/contacts_main.htm
Forestry Store Tree Seedlings Internet: http://nc-forestry.stores.yahoo.net/
Christmas Tree Genetics Dr. Ken Roeder, Forest Geneticist Phone: 919.731.7988 ext 206
Linville River Nursery Anna Trivette Phone: 828.733.5236
Nursery & Tree Improvement Head, Nursery & Tree Improvement Program Phone: 919.731.7988
Tree Improvement Clyde Leggins, Tree Improvement West Supervisor Phone: 828.438.3783
Pest Control Program Rob Trickel , Pest Control Program Head Phone: 919.733.2162 ext 256
Pest Control West, Morganton Forestry Center Brian Heath
Craig Lawing
Email: Brian.Heath@ncagr.gov
Email: Craig.Lawing@ncagr.gov
Phone: 828.438.6270

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