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4-H Develops Leaders

Youth need opportunities to develop leadership skills. Youth are an integral part of the educational outreach of Henderson County 4-H. Youth pay attention to peers, or older teens as teachers. Adults appreciate the confidence and leadership abilities of these youth. These leadership skills will serve these children well throughout life.

Lisa Walker, age 10, Macon County: “4-H is helping me to have pride in my community and confidence in myself and grow in my abilities.”

Earl Smith, 4-H and  Commercial Horticulture Agent  1957 – 1985:
“4-H develops self-confidence, poise and maturity.”

Joyce Armstrong, 4-H and Family Consumer Science Agent 1966 – 1996:
“Several former 4-H’ers have shared with me the fact that the leadership training they received in 4-H has enabled them to be successful through their education and now in their employment. I have also seen many of our adult leaders use their 4-H experiences to become community leaders. There is no down side to leadership development.”

Bill Stanley
My experience in 8 years in 4 – H at Centenary, SC as a part of the Marion County, SC program and two years’ of judging cattle in 4 H competition including a state championship and 3rd in the nation in ’56, led to confidence on my feet in front of any audience. Standing in front of cattlemen who had no doubt about the best animals in the contest, where I verbally presented my reasons for judging one animal over another in several different categories, with no notes whatsoever, presenting an expository to convince the judges was fundamental to my success in college and the United States Air Force by being able to speak to any audience with confidence. It did not hurt any that I learned to fly an airplane reasonably well and quickly.
    Among many outstanding flying officers, I was able to make positive points in varied circumstances which led to commanding officer recognition and subsequent promotion ahead of contemporaries because of my ability to speak as well as fly better than many of my brand new aspiring fighter pilots in the United States Air Force in 1955/56 and for me 30 years later after a satisfying 30 year tour of duty in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, Operations & Plans Officer, and Commander at several levels where I accumulated 5,550 hours of fighter flying time and 200 combat missions in Viet Nam. Always able to communicate with my flight, my squadron, my wing, my command to our mutual best effort  — Thank You 4-H.
William T. Stanley, Colonel USAF
5,500 hours fighter pilot time
200 combat Missions, Viet Nam
Silver Star, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, Purple Heart, 16 Air Medals
Alive & Well !

Lisa Degraw, 4-H Leader:
“At the beginning of this year I started a 4-H group though I’d never been to a 4-H meeting in my life—as a kid I’d always done scouts. It was a whole new experience as the club members, mostly 5-9 year olds, learned the legislative process, gave educational presentations, worked on project records, went on field trips, and did service projects. One of the best things about 4-H is snack time. Well, that’s what they kids would say. I love that at every meeting they improve their public speaking skills through club talks. Those who were terrified in January now act like it’s no big deal. Gotta love that.”

NC 4-H Honor Club Members:

Lory McCraw:  “4-H is a wonderful organization that has given me leadership positions, confidence to speak in front of a crowd and helped me to have confidence in my own talents and abilities.”

Stacie Worrell:  “The confidence 4-H has given me over the years has helped me attain leadership roles that I have held, prepared me for such things as job interviews and was a major part of my recent winning a national trip to 4-H Congress in Atlanta. I know that I have not seen the end of the benefits of public speaking and 4-H in my life. I am sure that they will aid me through college  and later in life as well.”

Sarah Beth Redmond: “The many opportunities in 4-H, especially those for community service, leadership and public speaking, have equipped me for life in the future.”

Susannah McIlvaine: “4-H has helped me learn to set reachable goals for my life. Through 4-H I have developed much-needed time management skills and a better understanding of the importance of service.”

Katie Dotson Gaddy: “4-H has taught me to be a responsible person. It has also taught me how to be organized and a leader among my peers.”

Janet Ruff Gover:  “Ten years in 4-H provided me the opportunities of participating in oral presentations, leadership roles, and holding officer positions. As a result I am much more comfortable in front of groups, in the workforce, and in my personal life.”

Rebekah Torres:   “4-H has opened so many new doors for me the past six years, including: becoming comfortable doing presentations and public speaking, developing a love for photography and sewing, and increasing my knowledge in many different subject areas.”

Anonymous:  “I have some of the best memories from my teen years thanks to 4-H! In a lot of ways I think 4-H saved my life. I had a very abusive home life as a teenager, and 4-H not only provided me with an escape, it also provided with an opportunity to build confidence, and find the success and a sense of value that I needed to persevere.”

Karen-Eve Bayne Pfotzer

I’ve been fortunate to have a very varied and wide professional career. I’ve been all around the world as a project manager, park ranger, international business executive and even the General Manager of The London Philharmonic Orchestra. Now as a local trainer, facilitator, speaker and storyteller, I have settled back in Henderson County. Many times, I have been asked how did a young girl from rural NC learn the skills that helped me succeed. The answer is many pronged: inspirational teachers & preachers, fine parents, Star Trek, and 4-H. Specifically, 4-H was all about leadership development. With the help of people like Joyce Armstrong and Earl Smith, I learned about project management, goal and key performance indicators, marketing and especially about public speaking. I learned how to give presentations, answer questions, manage long term projects and know to work with PR and marketing groups. As a 4-H’er I learned by doing and by teaching. 4-H offers wonderful skills to the youth in our county and state. That’s why, once I returned to the area, I decided to serve on the 4-H Advisory Committee.

Molly McMinn and Hannah Queen gave their 4-H presentation about “Man’s Best Friend: The Benefits of Dog Assisted Therapy.”