Turf and Ornamentals Test Preparation Class on August 4

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Do you have someone who needs to get a Category L Turf and Ornamentals pesticide license? If so, we will be teaching a Turf and Ornamentals Test Preparation Class on August 4, 2021, from 8 a.m.–noon. We will cover the material included in the Turf and Ornamental book. The cost is $10.00. Call our office at (828) 697-4891 to register.

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The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will provide testing opportunities at the Mountain State Fairgrounds on August 10 and November 9.

Order the books (you need Core and T and O) and register for testing

Pesticide License Basics

Every pesticide licensee has to take the Core test. Turf and Ornamentals licensees must take the Turf and Ornamental test. You will need both books and they can be ordered online.


Landscapers and Turf Managers – A Turf and Ornamental Category L Pesticide License requires 10 hours of recertification per 5 year period.

Plant Nursery Producers (farmers) – A Private Applicator License V/X requires 2 hours each Private (V – Safety, X – Specialty) per 3 years.

Total credits CANNOT be earned during the same calendar year for Category L. This rule DOES NOT apply to Farmers (Private Applicators).

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Order your study books

Looking for a testing opportunity? There are very few in-person tests upcoming but there are online tests.