Leaves Are Good! Don’t Throw Them Away.

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fall color

Leaves are good! Leaves are nature’s mulch, fertilizer and compost all rolled into one package. Don’t throw away such a valuable resource.

Plants mine nutrients from the soil to use in their growth. In nature, these nutrients would be returned to the soil when plant matter such as leaves decomposes in the natural nutrient recycling process. In home gardens, when we harvest vegetables or in the landscape when we remove leaf litter, dead limbs, fallen trees or lawn clippings, we are mining nutrients, too. If we remove soil nutrients and never renew them then we will eventually run out.

Instead of burning or bagging up our leaves or grass clippings, or asking our municipalities to expend money and expel exhaust retrieving leaf and limb litter, let us recycle our organic material at home. Use your leaves as mulch in your plantings or compost them and return the organic matter back to the soil.

Carl Sandburg view fall 2019If you are interested in learning all about composting, get in touch with our local composting expert. Christine Wittmeier cwittmeier@hendersoncountync.gov is the Environmental Programs Coordinator for Henderson County. Be sure to ask her about any upcoming composting programs.