Start your 4-H Project Record this Summer!

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4-H Project Records

4-H Project Records

4-H alumni say that learning to set goals and record what they’ve done and learned by completing Project Records continues to help them throughout life. Records are important written summaries of what you have learned and the skills that you have gained within your 4-H work, as well as in other parts of your life. Over a period of years, your records will show how you have grown. The information on your 4-H records will be useful as you fill out other forms in your life, such as 4-H portfolios, resumes, job applications, and college applications.

Blue ribbon (excellent quality) project records earn $10 from Henderson County
4-H. At the district level, bronze, silver, and gold medals are awarded in each age group and category, and the district gold medalist is awarded $50.

4-H Project Records are created on specific forms for different age groups.(Note: Your “4-H Age” is the age that you were on January 1.)  Here are the links to the fillable forms for:
Ages 8 – 12
Ages 13-18

Here is the link for the Cloverbud form (ages 5 – 7).

More forms are available on the NC 4-H website.

You can type in these forms and print them, or print a copy and write neatly by hand. There are instructions on the forms that explain how to format your project record. Make sure you carefully read the directions and follow them closely.

You will need to enter your project record in a specific category. Carefully choose a category that interests you. Here is a list of categories. Henderson County
4-H has many curricula books available, or you may choose your own topic. (You may also want to buy curriculum at the 4-H Mall.) If you do more work in 4-H, you are encouraged to enter other categories. Talk to Denise Sherrill, 4-H Agent, or Hannah Worrell, 4-H Program Assistant, about your project record. Did you know that Hannah won many awards with her 4-H project records and cumulative records?

Along with information about you and your project, the forms also ask you to list community service, citizenship, and leadership activities. These are all important parts of 4-H! View some examples of citizenship activities. Because of the presidential and local elections and national and local events, 2020 is a great year for citizenship activities! As you work on your project, ask a family member to take pictures or videos of you. Save receipts for your project work and other paperwork to use in the scrapbook section. You will also write a story about your year, including at least one paragraph about each project. It is recommended that new members work on only one project record per year. As a general guideline members should not select more than two projects each year. Henderson County may send two project records per age group and category to the district competition.

We encourage youth ages 13-18 to complete portfolios (formerly called cumulative records), which summarize three years of project work in a specific project area. Save your project records! They will be valuable tools in compiling a portfolio. Here is the online form for portfolios.


Use these folders for your 4-H portfolio. Ask your 4-H staff member for them.

In Henderson County, project records are due January 4, 2021. Portfolios are due Feb. 1, 2021. For more information about project records, categories, and portfolios, consult the NC 4-H Awards Handbook or the Welcome Packet for New 4-H Members. Project Record Training is scheduled for October 13 at 7 p.m. RSVP to
Contact Denise or Hannah if you would like to see examples of project records.
Project record book