4-H Henderson County Activity Day

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4-H presentations are a vital part of the 4-H program! Every 4-H member can profit in some way from preparing and presenting a presentation. 4-H’ers who have participated in 4-H presentations often recall that their experiences built communication skills, public speaking skills, poise, confidence, organizational skills, research skills, and thought expression. These too can be your experiences by participating in 4-H presentations!

Henderson County Activity Day is the first level of the three-tier 4-H presentations competition (four-tier for poultry and horse categories). Originally, County Activity Day was scheduled for Saturday, May 16 for 4-H presentation competitors. However, given the current situation related to COVID-19, Henderson County 4-H is planning to conduct presentations via an online platform. This will be very different from years past, but we are optimistic that presentations online will simply provide another great learning experience for our  4-H’ers! 

Presentation rules and guidelines will remain the same as previous years and video submissions will be due Friday, May 15. 

Presentation Handbook

State 4-H Presentation Video Tips

General guidelines:

  • Videos must show youth presenting their presentations.
  • When submitting videos please include in the subject line: Your name_Age category_Presentation category

(4-H’ers may need to be creative in how they manage this new way of doing things this year. For example, we know you may not not have “easels” at home, so feel free to use a chair, use a person, whatever works to make a smooth transition from face to face to recorded videos.

Another example, when recording yourself be sure to hold up props for your presentation.) 

  • Videos can be submitted using Zoom, recorded on a phone and sent via email, uploaded to YouTube.
  • Videos must be single cut – do not do several recordings and splice them together. SINGLE CUT ONLY – just as if youth are presenting live.
  • Videos can not be bigger than 10GB – smaller is better
  • Videos must be .mp4 file format or .mov as these are universal and we should be able to open them easily. 

Once your presentation video has been submitted it will be sent out to our judges. We will set a meeting time for the presenter and their judges to meet either via Zoom or conference call so they can provide remarks as well as ask questions after the presentation has been seen. 

-Poster board is available for anyone in need by drive by pick up at the Cooperative Extension Office. 

Presentation Practice Sign Up

We will continue to keep you updated in the days ahead. If you are interested in signing up for a presentation category, volunteer, or be a presentation coach or judge, please contact us at Denise_Sherrill@ncsu.edu or Hannah_worrell@ncsu.edu.

Presentation Helpful Tools

Thank you!