New Opportunity: Get Your Continuing Education Pesticide Credits Online

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Image of a laptopIn response to current COVID-19 gathering restrictions, N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is allowing N.C. Cooperative Extension to host live online classes for providing pesticide applicators continuing education credits. It is important to note that a webcam or smartphone with camera is required for attendance.

Upcoming FREE “Online” Continuing Education Pesticide Credit Opportunities:   2 Credit Hours in the following Category: “V”

  • “Pesticide Recert Safety V Class” Date: June 1, 2020  Time: 6-8 p.m.
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If your certification date is 6/30/2020, self-paced online training opportunities are available for a limited time. This online training is NOT an option and you will not receive credit if your certification date is anything other than 6/30/2020. Online classes cannot be repeated for additional credit. Cost: $15. Each class will earn 1 hour of pesticide credit in the following categories: A, B, D, G, H, K, I, L, M, O, N, T, and X. For more information see the Pesticides Section page.

Approved self-paced online classes for applicators with 6/30/2020 certification dates are below:

Understanding Pesticide Labels

Proper Use of Pesticides NC

Pesticide Spray Drift

2020 Pesticide Storage, Disposal and Container Recycling

2020 Pesticide Hazards and Health