Gardening Update for February 2020

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The month of February is a volatile time in the garden. One day may be beautiful and sixty degrees, whereas the next may be cold and rainy. For those of us who are avid gardeners, it is a time of promises of spring crushed by arctic blasts. Gardeners are very limited in what they can do in the late winter garden. Heavy frosts, deep freezes, and rain prevent us from getting outside and doing the many gardening activities that make us so happy.

Thankfully though, there are some things that the avid gardener may do in the middle of February.

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February Gardening Activities:
  • Test the soil.
  • Plan and layout the vegetable garden.
  • Till the garden (if the soil is not too wet).
  • Build garden structures such as fences, raised beds, or retaining walls.
  • Purchase seed so that you can start vegetable transplants in April (indoors under fluorescent lights).
  • Plant fruit and nut trees such as apple, pear, pecan, and peach.
  • Plant ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Prune trees, shrubs, and roses.
  • Remove and replace mulch if needed.
If you have any questions about these topics or any gardening topics, please call the Master Gardener℠ Volunteer Hotline at (828) 697-4891.

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