Congratulations 4-H Presenters!

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Henderson County 4-H is very proud of the 49 young people who gave presentations at County Activity Day, Saturday, May 18, 2019, at Grace Lutheran Church. Nineteen presenters were Cloverbuds (ages 5-7), and 16 of these were from the Dana Cloverbuds 4-H Club! Nine presenters (ages 8 – 10) were from the Dana Wildcats 4-H Club! Thank you to all our parents, leaders,  4-H clubs and coaches for helping to prepare these speakers! Thank you also to all of our judges who listened to presentations. Judges provided constructive comments to help our 4-H’ers improve their speaking skills. Kiwanis of Hendersonville provided coaches, a large number of judges, and scholarship funds for awards. Selee Corporation and individual donors also provided funds for awards.

Image of Emma Barber

Emma Barber gave her 4-H presentation about The Violin.

4-H Alumni tell us that learning public speaking skills was one of the best benefits of 4-H for them. Young people learn how to research, compose a speech, gather props, and create posters or an electronic presentation. They develop confidence as they learn public speaking skills. We ask them to choose topics that they love. Ages 5 – 7 do not compete, but are awarded trophies at the county level, with funds donated in honor of Frankie and Steve Ruff. Ages 8 – 18 are awarded red or blue ribbons at the county level. Red means “Good job, but you need more work before the next level of competition.”  Blue means, “You are ready for the district competition!”  Henderson County 4-H Awards $20 to each County Blue Ribbon winner. These funds can be used to help them get to the state competition. West District 4-H Activity Day will be June 15, 2019, at McDowell High School in Marion. The N.C. 4-H Presentation Competition will be July 20, 2019, at NC State University in Raleigh.

Image of Molly McMinn and Hannah Queen

Molly McMinn and Hannah Queen gave their 4-H presentation about “Man’s Best Friend: The Benefits of Dog Assisted Therapy.”