Application Resume Interview Electronic Video (ARIE)

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ARIE is a state level competition, as well as a wonderful way to practice and prepare for college and job interviews, applications, resumes, and creating your own video introduction. Active 4-H members who are 11 and older (age determined as of January 1 of the current program year) are invited to participate in the ARIE program. For ages, 11-13, the process is just practice. Youth in this age group submit an application and take part in the video and interview. Youth ages 14 and up take part in the competition.

This program prepares youth for real-world experiences in completing applications and submitting resumes for jobs, intern positions or college, and participating in scholarship, college and job interviews. The program is used to select the delegates to attend national level 4-H program including:

To participate, youth submit an application, resume and electronic video to N.C. Cooperative Extension, Henderson County Center,  by June 3, 2019. The overall score is determined by interview (50%), resume (30%), and video (20%). Selected youth are then scheduled online interviews. Youth who earn the top scores overall are selected to represent North Carolina 4-H at the events mentioned above. Young people may only attend each national event once in their 4-H career.

Explanation of the ARIE contest.

Application form, including resume tips.

Mr. Scott Adams, from NC Works, will teach a class about how to make a resume, and how to do a video introduction on Tuesday, May 28, at 5:00 at the Extension office. Please RSVP to  if you plan to come to this class.

Contact if you’re interested in participating in the ARIE program, and taking part in practice sessions.

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National 4-H Congress offers excellent workshops and nationally known speakers, including Miss America!

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Henderson County was represented by two 4-H members in 2018: Jordan Jakubielski and Reagan Gage.