Local Garden Centers Sell Great Christmas Gifts

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Choosing Christmas gifts for people can be difficult. People tend to buy what they want for themselves throughout the year and few of us have any needs. This leaves many of us in a quandary as to what to give our loved ones as Christmas gifts. However, if you have a gardener to buy for this Christmas, you are in luck.

Gardeners are always in need of tools, plants, garden furniture, bird feeding accessories and other garden items for sale in local retail garden centers. In fact, I have never given a garden gift to an avid gardener that was not appreciated; I have never received a garden gift that I did not enjoy and use.

Sometimes folks who are not avid gardeners find it difficult choosing gardening gifts. I wish to reassure gift givers this holiday season that gardeners appreciate any and all garden supplies given as gifts. But, if you still need some ideas for that gardener on your Christmas list, I’ll give you a few that are sure to be big hits with the gardener in your life.

For the avid gardener, small useful gardening tools make excellent gifts. Gardeners are like other hobbyists; they actually use the items you give them. If fact, a gardener will wear out garden tools and are in constant need of those tools being replaced.

Hand pruners are one of the tools gardeners use and lose the most often. The best brand of hand pruners is Felco but Corona and Fiskars both make good ones. New hand pruners with innovative designs come out often. Be sure to purchase a holster so the gardener will have a safe place to carry their tool.

One Christmas I received one of the best and most useful gifts. My wife’s parents gave me a pruner multi-tool. Many companies make these hand pruners. The tool has many useful tools stowed away in the handle including a pruning saw, screwdrivers, and a knife. This little tool has been so useful! I keep it in my truck and use it on an almost daily basis.

Many years ago my brother gave me an extremely handy item that I utilize nearly every time I go into the garden. He gave me an inexpensive pruning saw with a retractable blade. The whole tool is about 14 inches long when extended and is small enough to put into your pocket when the blade is stowed in the handle. With my hand pruners on my side and my saw in my pocket, I can handle all but the biggest pruning jobs.

On another Christmas holiday my mom delighted me with a garden gift that I have been able to get great use out of. She gave me a terracotta chiminea. This big piece of pottery is designed to be used as an outdoor fireplace. My son and I have spent many Saturday evenings roasting marshmallows over the flames in our little outdoor fireplace.

Plants also make great gifts. In 2010 I gave my brother a tree as a gift; I purchased a 15 gallon 15’ tall willow oak. I planted the trees myself. Just the other day my brother was telling me how much he has enjoyed that tree over the last eight years. It is well over thirty feet tall now! The great thing is that he will be able to enjoy the gift for as long as he owns the property.

The list of useful garden gifts is extensive and varied. Here are just a few inexpensive but very useful garden gifts: plants, decorative containers, gardening tools of all sorts, rain gauges, outdoor thermometers, seed storage kits, decorative stepping stones, bird feeders, pollinator houses, gloves, garden art, and patio furniture and décor. In fact, gardeners are not a choosy lot, so any garden items will be appreciated.

Garden gifts purchased from your local garden center retailer will give the folks you care about joy each time they go outside and utilize the item. Plants that are given as gifts not only delight on Christmas Day but grow more pleasing with each passing year. Favorite garden tools become treasured heirlooms. Finally, remember, your support of locally-owned Briggs Garden Center in Horse Shoe on Hwy. 64, Raymonds Nursery on Kanuga Rd, and A Growing Concern Garden Center on Spartanburg Hwy will keep money in the local economy as well.