Henderson 4-H Teens Attend Youth Summit

Henderson County group

Henderson County Commissioner Charlie Messer, Drue Stinnett, Naomi McIlvaine, 4-H Agent Denise Sherrill, and Commissioner Tommy Thompson spent time together at the Youth Summit, which was part of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Annual Conference.

Two 4-H teens from Henderson County were honored to attend the fifth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, which was held in Asheville, August 15-16, 2014. The purpose of the summit is to help youth understand and increase their involvement in local government. North Carolina 4-H and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service partnered for the fifth year with the NCACC on this multi-year initiative. The 4-H’ers who attended from Henderson County were Drue Stinnett, who is the State 4-H Council Vice President, and Naomi McIlvaine. 4-H Agent Denise Sherrill was a chaperone for this event. Over 100 youth and adults from 85 counties in North Carolina attended this event. The event is sponsored and supported by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. For more information on the 4-H program in Henderson County, please contact Denise_Sherrill@ncsu.edu. The 4-H program is the youth education program of North Carolina Cooperative Extension, based at North Carolina State and North Carolina A&T State Universities. More than 227,780 young people ages 5 through 18 participate in North Carolina
4-H activities each year with the help of more than 20, 330 adult and youth volunteers.

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Denise SherrillExtension Agent, 4-H Youth Development (828) 697-4891 Henderson County, North Carolina

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

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